About Expat Briefing

About Expat Briefing

BSI - A strong history of serving expatriates, professionals, business owners and globally mobile investors.

Formed in 1992, BSI (now part of Wolters Kluwer) publishes some of the most respected internet publications in the fields of business, tax, law, investment and expatriate-related issues. Many of our publications have been online for over 14 years and enjoyed globally by over 1.75 million readers.

Our network sites also include:

Lowtax: 1,500 pages of detailed, factual information covering the tax and legal regimes in over 70 jurisdictions.

Tax News: a daily worldwide tax news service with a 25,000 story searchable archive.

TreatyPro The online tax treaty resource.

Global Incorporation Guide [GIG] A BSI / Lowtax Network international business smart tool.