10 Jobs of the future and how you can be ready

Contributed by Sgjobs.org, 28 February, 2018

As universities, TAFE and private colleges meet their new intakes for 2018, thousands of young people take their first, nervous steps into the world of work.

All in all, a vast array of decisions have been made by students and parents alike, in an attempt to steer the future employment direction of our next generation of workers.

However, the landscape of employment opportunity continues to evolve and the short to mid term view sees certain industries experiencing considerable growth and others in decline.

Being armed with information and remaining at the peak of the curve in terms of current trends in the employment world is the best strategy for young people seeking to assure their futures and hopefully, finding satisfaction and sustenance through vocational work.

So where will employment expansion take place in the near future? What industries will be relying on a continual supply of young candidates to facilitate growth?

1) Hospitality and food

With an increasingly transient and time poor population, the home cooked meal has become disturbingly less frequent. Whether it be weekend brunches in cafes or more formal dining, affluent societies rely on fast, reliable and inexpensive access to quality food in a pleasant environment. Young people with aspirations to run small businesses in this field will have ample opportunity.

2) Construction

As another adjunct to first-world societies enjoying the benefits of growth and affluence, the constant need for housing and infrastructure projects shows no sign of slowing. Major Australian cities live in constant disarray, so numerous are the development projects in progress and the supply of work seems considerable.

3) Producing 'content'

Many grapple with this phrase, lost as to what actual content is. However, with social media and digital technology dominating our lives, the amount of written and increasingly visual stimulus appearing on our devices grows. It is sourced and assembled by young and skilled digital experts. The substantial number of available digital content positions shows no sign of decreasing and with a somewhat unknown future, the possibilities are endless.

4) Health care

Sad by-products of the privileged life we live in the west are the negative health outcomes that plague our society. Obesity, poverty and mental health issues continue to rise and do not bode well for the overall health of the nation. As unfortunate as it may sound, work in the health sector will be secure in the coming decades. 

5) Fitness industry

In something of a response to health issues, the personal fitness industry continues to grow. Gym memberships and equipment, as well as the role of the personal trainer have increasingly become part of the financial investment made on health by many Australians. Find personal trainer jobs in Singapore.

6) Retail sales

With interest-free terms becoming something of the norm, the frequency of the sale has never been more important for retailers. Competition between outlets sees the effectiveness of the salesperson and potential repeat business as key. A good retail salesperson might just be assured of steady work for quite some time to come.

7) Teaching

The beauty of teaching as a vocation, much like plumbing, is a constant supply of the substance of your work. With educational standards falling in an underfunded industry and the level of parental expectation constantly rising, quality teachers will always retain their value.

8) Aged care

With an increasing aged population and the construction industry building aged care facilities by the hundreds, those charged with caring for senior citizens will need to be plentiful in number. The size of this industry is astronomical and stands to continue its growth in the future.

9) App and software development

With an app for just about everything these days, the future is limitless when it comes to technological innovation. Some of our most clever and creative thinkers will guide us through the next phase of the digital revolution and the employment ramifications are significant.

10) Women's professional sport

With minimum wages set for professional women's sport in Australia, future growth in football, AFL, rugby league and cricket appears exponential. Now that women have been permitted to play and duly remunerated for their dedication, talented young athletes across the country will be queuing up to ply their trade in the professional game.
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