4 Most Useful Things that Will Make Your Investment Visa Go Through Faster

Contributed by hongkongtaxfree.com, 15 December, 2016

When Hong Kong introduced the investment visa, the main target was to encourage people coming to Hong Kong to invest. It created an easier route that investors can migrate to Hong Kong faster and build their economic fortress with branches all over Asia and the entire globe. The supportive policies, stable banking system, and serving as the gateway to mainland China makes Hong Kong the most desirable place to invest. Despite this, many are the people who have been asking about the best way to apply for investment visa after seeing numerous unsuccessful attempts.

Research the market and make a good business plan for consideration

Because of the ease of doing business, a new investor willing to venture into the Hong Kong market must appreciate the huge competition. For your business plan to make sense and get a nod, it is prudent to study the market carefully.

Whether you target the service industry or other sectors, the competitors have to be captured well, business operations carefully documented, and inherent drive easily identifiable. For example, if you already have an operational business that has demonstrated huge success in a similar environment; chances of getting the investment visa are very high. Note that the plan is presented to professionals who check and countercheck everything to ensure that only the best goes through. Therefore, make your business plan the best.

Consolidate enough resources for mobilization into the new investment

How much are you willing to inject into the business? As an investment, Hong Kong immigration department and professional bodies narrow down to checking how viable an application is based on the resources you commit. Here they are not simply interested in HK investment visa minimum amount only, but will also push to get the following;

Create a comprehensive company structure defining the potential for growth

As a business driven economy, Hong Kong wants to ensure that its people have enough jobs and the businesses are supporting the economy. When it gets a business with the potential to create numerous job opportunities, chances of approval are very high. Take time to review the business structure of choice and emphasize on the immediate opportunities as well as the immense potential in future.

Succinctly delineate how the start-up fits within the government supported programs

For investors in startups, it is advisable to delineate them well so that they fit well in various government supported programs. Take time to explore the requirements for qualification under different programs such as the Cyberport Micro Fund, or Design Centre among others. It should demonstrate the immense potential you will be bringing to Hong Kong.

For many people, the application for investment visa is never easy because of the documentation. It is advisable to use an expert when carrying your market research & analysis as well as writing the documents. Remember that if the application is declined, you cannot appeal. The only chance for re-application is after about 6 months.

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