4 Reasons To Have A Work Life in Saudi Arabia

By Anshuman Kukreti, 20 May, 2015

You might have read or talked about travelers and nomads raining down on countries like China, the US, Germany and Thailand- and for one sole reason- living here is comparatively cheap with increased chances of a healthy social network. But, a country that's often ignored, yet remains as a lucrative alternative for those desiring a comfortable professional life is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The home to Mecca, Saudi Arabia not only witnesses a multitude of tourists flocking from various corners of the world, every year, but has seen numerous professional and industry experts finding ample career opportunities with sufficient prospects of a healthy growth. Building over the same line of thought, the discussion below will provide you with 4 good reasons to have a work life in this exotic country.

Money-The Obvious One

You will hear about a number of expats shifting their professional base to Saudi Arabia for one good reason: high remuneration. Securing a job-offer here as an experienced and qualified professional, comes with the prospects of high remuneration and financial incentives. A generous tax-free income accompanied with a zillion perks and employee benefits to suit a comfortable professional life is what you should expect, if thinking about working in the kingdom. Apart from these, luxurious accommodation, free education for your little ones, free tickets back to your homeland and a minimum 30 days of paid vacations are some benefits that this country offers at the disposal of a talented professional.

Impeccable Delicacies

Obviously, you won't prefer living in a country whose food doesn't suit your taste and stomach. But, while working in Saudi Arabia you will find the most taste and nutrient enriched food to garnish your dinner table with. The national dish-Kabsa, a dish of rice served with chicken or meat on a huge platter is the most viral choice of food in the country. It is served while sitting on the floor, with people all around the platter taking each helping with their hands. This experience is not only offered in homes, but in most of the traditional restaurants as well.

The Cultural Diversity

Saudi Arabia is a country that offers a blend of people coming from various countries and social backgrounds. You will not only learn about cultures practiced all across the globe, but this will also be your chance to make friends with people from different cities, you might not have even heard about. For instance, Riyadh is home to expats coming from different continents, in such high numbers that they have surpassed the number of locals in the region. Plus, relocating with family here will give your kids a chance to learn about different cultures, along with growing amongst them.

The Opportunity to Travel

The Middle East has several tourist spots, but the word tourism doesn't generally crop up in mind when talking about Saudi Arabia. However, a crucial thing to consider is the central location where the country is situated. Owing to this reason, one can easily plan to travel various places across the globe. Nevertheless, if it doesn't suit your budget travelling to places within the countries is a worthwhile idea too. Places like Dir'iya, will give you a glimpse of the old and traditional Saudi Arabia. Other cities like Mada'in Saleh- the city of buildings carved into cliffs is also a destination worth giving your time to.

Reasons are numerous to enlist, but the final decision is yours. So, without further ado start hunting for a job in this exotic country. Saudi Arabia has plenty in store for you.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the gulf job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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