5 Main Requirements to Qualify For Investment Visa

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The investment Visas are crafted to help people who wish to enter or stay in Hong Kong for investment. The visas fall under GEP (general employment policy) because you are considered to be employed by the business you establish. In this post, we explore the five main eligibility criteria for Investment visa.

The two main areas of investment visas include;

i) The applicant being able to make a substantial contribution to the Hong Kong economy via direct investment in business and employment.

ii) Startup businesses that fall within the Chinese and Hong Kong government supported programs such as the Cyberport incubation program.

 Key Hong Kong Investment Visa requirements

  1. A comprehensive business plan

    The Hong Kong Department of Immigration requires a comprehensive business plan detailing the nature of the business you want to start and its anticipated operations. In the plan, you must capture the business outlook, complete market analysis, positioning, direction, operational targets, marketing, and other crucial considerations. It is the plan that will be used to test the viability of your business.

    A complete two-year profit and loss balance sheet will also be required. This will be used to demonstrate the anticipated profitability of the venture before the investment visa in Hong-Kong is granted. The immigration department works closely with other departments to vet the business plans when assessing their applicability.

  2. Business turnover presentation

    If you already operate a business and want to expand to Hong Kong with an investment visa, you are required to provide a turnover report in the form of a balance sheet for the last one year. For businesses anticipating starting operations in Hong Kong, a two-year projection balance sheet has to be submitted together with the business plan. The balance sheet is assessed by professionals who either give it a nod or indicate its shortcomings.

  3. The finances you anticipate to mobile into the investment

    No business can grow without adequate funding. Therefore, you must be able to fund the business plan being proposed. This is demonstrated to the immigration department through bank statements. You must also demonstrate the sum of the money that is already in your Hong Kong account and ready to kick-start the business. The department will be able to tell whether the resources are enough for the business or not.

  4. The employment opportunities that will be created locally

    A complete business structure demonstrating how the investment operations will run from the top to bottom will assist the department to establish employment opportunities to be created. This structure should be cohesive with the business plan and demonstrate your vigor to grow and support the Hong Kong economy. Note that the resources you commit are expected to be able to support the business expenses for up to 6 months.

  5. New technology to be introduced in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong administration is emphatic on businesses on tech niches and will grant investment visas promptly to such investors. Businesses that are in high-value addition areas are particularly encouraged to apply. Besides, those at startups with huge potential and in line with various government supported programs are also preferred. New technologies are seen as the future leverage for Hong Kong economic progress and superiority in Asia and globally.

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