5 Reasons a New Year is the Perfect Time to Move

Contributed by Owners Direct, 20 January, 2017

A new year is as much a time for change as it is reflection, and there isn't a bigger or better way to welcome your future than starting afresh in a country of your choosing.

Sure, such a big change can be intimidating and easy to delay. But the start of a new year is the perfect reminder that change can be as positive as it is inevitable. So forget those resolutions that you'll never fulfil, and instead make 2017 a year to take a leap, and land in the life you've dreamt of.

1. You can start as you mean to go on

The whole concept of New Year's resolutions is to employ changes as soon as January hits. However, unless you managed to migrate on the first day of the year, it's unlikely that you're at the end of your moving process by the time the mince pies run out!

Don't be disheartened, moving overseas can be a long process, but whether you're already packing your bags or just pondering the possibility, beginning the process means that this new year will be a calendar full of positivity and change.

2. Enjoy a very merry migration

Of course, departing from your home country also means saying goodbye to your family and friends. But with memories of the festive season fresh in your mind, moving at the beginning of a new year will make Christmas all the more special, and allow you to begin to emotionally prepare yourself for your departure.

Taking plenty of photographs, enjoying your favourite traditions and the making the most of the quality time that the festive season guarantees are great ways to ensure a perfect end to one year, and an exciting window into the next.

3. Get rid of the old and welcome the new

Decluttering your home can seem like a mammoth task, but moving house will mean you're forced to evaluate the things that really matter. If you're planning to migrate to live a life of sun, sea and sand, it's unlikely you're going to need that winter wardrobe any time soon. 

Of course, letting go can be difficult, but knowing that doing so will help the migration process and pave the way for memories to come can give you that extra encouragement. You can sell old items and earn money for your move – or, giving your unwanted items to charity will feed into the positivity of your new year, giving something back to your community as you leave.

4. Work with the winter

Using the months before your final move to check out and explore your new home means that, hopefully, you can top up on vitamin D and grow a connection to your new environment. Ease your way into the process by finding suitable holiday accommodation and taking a trip to your new country first. This will give you a chance to map out the area and get friendly with the locals ahead of your big move.

However, if it's more snow than sunlight in your new country during the winter months, this could be a blessing in disguise. Winter is the perfect time to house hunt, as required amendments that need to be made come to light, while you have the option of returning home during the renovations.

5. It's new year, so why not a new you?

Migrating, of course, is not just a physical change. Your move means that you will be exposed to a whole new culture and country – and this can be a shock at first. By starting your year with moving in mind, you can begin to prepare yourself for a whole new lifestyle and you'll soon find it easier to welcome change. From learning a new language to tasting foreign cuisine, the opportunities of your move are endless.

So why wait? A brand new year is the perfect time to make all the changes required for a move and, therefore, a new you!

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