5 Reasons to Holiday in Your New Country First

Contributed by Optima Villas, 07 March, 2017

Whether it's the sunny climate, the exotic lifestyle or the prospect of an exciting new career that's motivating you to take the leap, making the move abroad is guaranteed to rouse a sense of liberation within you. With new languages to be learned and diverse cultural traditions waiting to be discovered, settling down in a new country will bring an adventure like no other!

Wherever you're relocating to, there's no doubt that moving house will come with its stresses, and the immersion into an unfamiliar culture can seem like a daunting thought. This is part of the reason why so many experienced expats recommend taking a 'test-drive' before making the leap. There's an endless list of reasons why you should escape everyday life on a well-earned break abroad, but today, the Playa Blanca locals from Optima Villas are bringing us the top 5 reasons why you should plan a visit to your new country before permanently upping sticks.

1. Get a taste of the local language

While guide books will teach you the basic phrases before you land, completely immersing yourself in the area is arguably the best way to become fluent in your new local language. Taking a holiday to the country – or specifically the town you'll be living in – will introduce you to the area's culture and traditions and give you a chance to test out your bilingual skills. From chatting to a supermarket cashier to conversing with restaurant owners, meeting with the locals ahead of the move means you can develop confidence in speaking the language – and you could even come away with a few helpful tips on living in the neighbourhood.

2. Introduce loved ones to your new home

Setting up your new life in a land far away will no doubt be exciting, but the idea of having to say goodbye to loved ones means it won't be without a few emotional challenges. Holidaying together in your new country gives you the opportunity to share your adventure with your family and friends as you introduce them to your new life, and the quality time you'll spend together exploring all that the area has to offer will help you build memories in your new home town.

3. Navigate your new neighbourhood

From finding the local shops and amenities to narrowing down the location for a property, experiencing the neighbourhood for yourself will be invaluable when it comes to the big move. Getting familiar with the area first-hand will reduce your chances of getting lost in the first few weeks of expatriate life, but it's having the local knowledge that you won't find in a guide book that will leave you feeling confident about this dramatic lifestyle change.

4. Make progress with your move

From finding a job to getting familiar with the location of the British Embassy, taking a trip to your new country means you can touch base with all of the essential day-to-day matters. While the tropical temperatures and abundance of things to see and do will leave you confident that you're making the right decision, a visit to the area is an ideal opportunity to look at any local properties on the market – so why not use the time out there to make progress with your move and turn that expat dream into a reality?

5. Feel confident in your decision

Experiencing a foreign country for a matter of weeks could never be compared to the complete lifestyle change that will come from living there full-time, but taking a 'test-drive' will certainly give you a taste of what your new life could be like. From confirming that you've chosen the location that's right for you and your family to determining what the next steps are, encountering everything from the climate to the culture for yourself is crucial before you commit to the move.

From feeling comfortable in your new country to confirming that this life-changing decision is right for you and your loved ones, fitting in a number of visits to the area ahead of the move will ensure that your abroad adventure gets off to a flying start – as well as allowing you to make significant progress on your mission to make the expat dream come true!

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