5 Reasons to Service your Air Conditioner Regularly

Contributed by Aircon Servicing SG, 28 February, 2018

The air conditioner can become our best friend during the summer months, but we can often overlook the importance of regular maintenance. 

Similarly to a car, without a service things can go awry. That's why we've detailed five reasons you should maintain your air conditioner regularly.

1. Avoid future AC problems

With the chillier months causing the air conditioner to collect dust, it can be easy to forget about the cooling device. But to avoid sweating when summer rolls around again, you need to get it checked. If you get someone in to take a look at your air conditioner annually as spring approaches, you can go into summer without any worries of a breakdown. 

You can also save money by calling in an experienced air conditioner maintenance worker who can treat any minor problems before they evolve. 

2. Keep the air clean

Mould and dirt can build up in your AC unit, which are known contributors to breathing difficulties and respiratory diseases. Calling in a professional to evaluate your air conditioner's filtration system can determine whether it needs a proper cleanout, which the experts can perform thoroughly thanks to their training. A clean air conditioner ensures you and your family live in a healthy environment, limiting preventable doctor or hospital visits. 

Additionally, regular cleans can prevent filtration parts from requiring replacement in the future, which can be quite costly compared to maintenance costs.

3. Extend the life of your AC unit

It's common knowledge that you can extend the life of any device if you take care of it. An air conditioner is no different, with regular maintenance addressing any minor issues before they transform into problematic and costly concerns. Well-maintained air conditioners can last a lot longer than a neglected unit that sits on your wall, accumulating dirt and pet hair, while straining to work to its full potential.

4. AC service companies guarantee quality performance

Most air conditioner maintenance companies offer annual packages to service your unit regularly. Do your research to find the best offers and inquire about quotes and performance guarantees. Some air conditioning service companies even promise an upgrade if they fail to live up to expectations to cool your home or apartment comfortably. Be sure to read the terms and conditions when doing your research, and don't be afraid to give the company a call to discuss what you're getting out of signing up for a yearly service.

5. Reduce energy consumption

While it can be hard to justify replacing an AC unit that appears to work well, a service can determine if it's using more electricity than necessary. Although an air conditioner can cause a spike in your power bill during the hotter months, you can reduce costs in the long term by paying a little bit extra for an expert opinion. A service can determine whether there are units with superior energy consumption ratings to replace your current one, saving you money which can go towards extending the life of your AC.

This tip is shared by Aircon Servicing SG, a professional air conditioning company offering the cheapest aircon service in Singapore.

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