5 Skill-Sets Required to Jump The Dubai Job Queue

By Anshuman Kukreti, 15 April, 2015

You might have heard the jingles of 'get educated, get employed' playing loud in the environment you grew up in. But, the sands of time seem to have changed the way things should be looked at regarding scoring a desirable job-offer. Plus, when it comes to securing employment in a hot-shot global destination like Dubai, there's a dire need to shoot up the efforts and think out of the box.

Education has always led to favorable results, but is it that only factor that can push up your employment chances in Dubai?
Yes, that got your mind boggling, right?

Hold your horses, this post is here to your rescue. Mentioned below are 5 such skills which will definitely boost your probability of taping the job market in this exotic emirate. Drop sufficient glances and lead your professional life like a king.

  1. Getting Some Local Experience in Your Kitty

    The global financial crisis and recession taught a multitude of companies to re-think on the lines of 'how to make modifications in adverse times'. Agreed, that case studies help in efficient analysis, but experiences can't be imported from one country to another. You might have been the 'Enigmatic Employee' in your last company, but does the same logic and business techniques apply everywhere in the world?

    This stands as the prime reason for numerous personnel to call it quits while working here, during the 'rough years'. Hence, need of the hour is for you to get well-acquainted with the regional market. This will help you to understand the client grievances specific to the region, hence a major push in your performance.

  2. Increase the Span of Your Network

    Obviously networking, won't be a child's play for you, considering the fact that you're still alien to the city and its culture. Plus, you don't have much information about the local job market as well. In such a case, the best remedy is to stay updated regarding various job expos and fairs in Dubai. Websites like Naukrigulf.com often prove handy for the same.

    Plan your visit at the time these fairs are organized. Events like these would help you to meet industry professionals personally and hence a chance to gain a clear insight regarding Dubai jobs.

  3. Your Arabic Skills Need Some Finesse

    Right from the employment contract to job classifieds, one thing is common to be noticed in this Arab land- the preference for a bilingual applicant. Being fluent in English along with the basic understanding of Arabic would definitely be a helping hand in getting shortlisted for any job in Dubai. It might take a tad bit of effort, but will definitely be lucrative in the long run.

  4. A Flawless Follow-Up

    As soon as you reach Dubai, make it a point to get your contact information updated with all the companies you've applied to. Let them know that you are in the city and available for interviews. Considering the fact that you were not successful in lining up interviews prior to your arrival, this might be the best shot to arrange some informational ones at least.

    Moving ahead on the lines of 'persistence', just make sure that your communication skills prove instrumental in being in constant touch with all the recruiters in the bucket list.

  5. Getting Ergonomically Sensitive Towards The Arabic Culture

    Right from a specific style of greeting to a specific dressing attire, to a zillion social conventions, there'll be a lot you need to heed to, when in Dubai. Obviously, you can't pass remarks or comments that seem hurtful to the native employees and get yourself in unfavorable situations. Dubai being a blend of a plethora of cultures, try and refrain from things which doesn't deem fit to the locals in the emirate.

Skills that'll get you employed in Dubai, are endless to list. The crux is, accustoming yourself according to the place and people. Give your best shot at it and things will definitely start falling in place. Allah Hafiz!

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the gulf. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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