5 Things To Consider and Prepare Before Moving to Malta

Contributed by Welcome Center Malta, 25 September, 2018

Moving abroad can be a very rewarding experience, however, it can also be a very challenging one. This is especially for unexperienced expats that are moving away from their home, for the first time. When relocating to Malta, the challenge is no less, in fact, to facilitate the moving process as much as possible, we will provide you with a guide that is crafted to help you make aware of what is expected and how to achieve it.

There are many steps in the moving process, but there are five crucial considerations to keep in mind prior your move.

Create a plan

Like in anything, crafting a plan always tends to help the process required. Commence by conducting in depth research about your new home. Look into the culture, traditions, language, career growth opportunities, leisure activities, etc. The more you know about the destination, the more prepared you will be. Furthermore, create a plan with deadlines on what task should be executed first to last. This will encourage you to keep organised and keep all documents and requirements up to date.


Where will you live? Decide on what you need and want, and search for it. Come up with a realistic budget and try to stick to it. Depending on the location you are searching for, the prices for property in Malta vary drastically. There are quite a few rules, concerns and tips to keep in mind when searching for property on the island. Our experts are equipped with the necessary local knowledge required to help you find the ideal property for you.

Residence Permit

Depending from which country you are relocating to Malta from, you might need to apply for a residence permit, to be able to work and live here. The available residence permits are as follows;

For more information on the above, visit the Visa/Residence Permit Guide.

Relocation Process

Will you hire a company to move your things to Malta or will you drive down with them? Discover who are the most recommended relocation companies or what is the most efficient process for you to opt for. Compare several quotes and segment your belongings depending on your needs.

Furthermore, decide what things you plan to keep and what you plan to sell. Most of the time a quick way to earn some extra cash for travelling is through a garage sale for the things you do not wish to keep.

You can also view our guides on travelling with children and/or pet travel.

Documents up to date

Before you move abroad, ensure that your passport and other important documents are in place and up to date. Renewing your personal documents abroad can be a hassle and most of the time, you would need to return to your country to proceed with renewals. Keep all your documents in one place and easily accessible.

Still not convinced about Malta? Discover 16 reasons why Malta should be your relocation destination.

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