5 Tips for Making Your New Home Your Own

Contributed by Tiles Direct, 20 January, 2017

Moving abroad can be daunting – but it can also be an exciting time for both individuals and families alike. Your home will play a big part in how quickly you settle into your new surroundings – and if you're looking for a touch of design inspiration to help you make your new house overseas feel more like home, we've got just the thing. Today, we're taking you through 5 top tips for injecting a touch of personality into your new property.

Find flooring that works for you

One of the first things you'll need to decide when moving in to your new home is what purpose you want your new floors to serve. Are you purely practical, looking to impress your guests, or do you want to add a bit of a personal touch to your new rooms?

Regardless, there are plenty of options to help you turn your new house into a home. Start by shopping around and searching for some creative floor tile designs for inspiration. Whether its non-slip kitchen floors to help you keep it clean or daring bright colours to dazzle the new neighbours, you'll want to think about practicality and aesthetic appeal when it comes to your flooring.

Add a touch of art

Hanging your favourite piece of art on the wall of your new home can be one of the best ways to help you feel like you belong. Moving can be a stressful time, particularly when moving so far away, but taking something with you that expresses your own sense of style and has personal meaning can not only give your new abode a homely feel but also provide a talking point for new guests.

The role of your art as a cathartic aid can't be ignored either, so whether your favourite piece inspires you to tackle the day ahead or unwind at the end of it, make sure it hangs somewhere you'll get the most use out of it.

Find smart storage solutions

Storage doesn't have to be about hiding things away. If you're a book lover, fill your new house with creative bookshelf storage solutions to help you display your personal style. Your favourite books can take pride of place, and surrounding them with trinkets you've picked up on your travels will allow you to express yourself while keeping your new home neat and tidy.

In your new property, storage doesn't have to be simple. Use old family owned units such as suitcases or large trunks to add nostalgic appeal to any new room. By injecting memories from home and getting creative with your storage, you'll soon feel like you've lived in your new property forever.

Get the neighbours round

Having your new neighbours around for dinner or even just an introductory cup of tea is a great way to start making friends in your new location. Not only does it give you the opportunity to learn about your new area – where the best restaurants and bars are, for example – but it also allows you to get to know people in the local area, and this guaranteed to help you settle in.

Bring home with you

If there are certain things you know you'll miss most about your home country, where possible, bring them with you! Moving abroad doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the taste of home – and whether it's a favourite brand of ketchup or a type of tea you just can't live without, stockpile this for your move. Once in your new house, you'll be grateful for a true taste of home.

Moving across countries can be a challenging time, but with these top tips, you can make the transition a smoother one and settle into your new home as soon as possible.

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