8 Reasons travelling can help you get a job

Contributed by StudentJob UK, 24 September, 2015

Looking for something to fill your time with this summer? Want a chance to have an adventure and gain some great experience? Experience that may even help you get a job? Sound good to you?

How about using this time to go travelling! Nowadays it seems like everyone wants the experience of living aboard for a while, so why don’t you give a whirl! Go solo or if you’re not brave enough, rope in a friend or a family member to join you on this great adventure! Travelling can not only give you the adventure of a life time but it can also help you land that perfect job.

How, do you ask? Well, look no further, here at StudentJob UK we have gathered together 8 reasons why travelling can help you get a job.

1 Me, Myself and I - Personal Development

Going travelling can have a big impact on your personal development, it can really help you to grow into your own and reconnect with yourself. By looking at yourself with a better understanding, you can really develop and learn new skills. For example, skills such as time management, social and communication skills, language skills, stress management, confidence, teamwork, decision-making, organisation and planning and many more. By completely being out of your comfort zone, skills like this and many more are developed much quicker and help you have a better understanding on how to apply them. Therefore using that understanding to your advantage when looking for a job.

2 Innovation - Fuelling Creativity

New country, new place, new surroundings, what more could you ask for to get your creativity juices flowing. Using everything that is around you, everything you see, hear, touch, smell, taste can allow you to come up with lots of creative ideas and thoughts. Things you may not of even thought of before. Ideas in which could make a difference or add to something that is maybe missing. By using a travelling experience, you can allow yourself to be more creative by using the surrounding you were in. Ideas in which may work for a job role you have discovered or an innovative idea, in which you think could take off. Allowing your imagination to run freely, the world is your oyster!

3 Utilizing resources - Learning new ways of living

A whole new place, meaning all new things to learn. New ways of transport, new types of technology, all different types of brands to try, how exciting! Learning to use these resources is imperative, as they can really expand your knowledge on how other cultures run and how to use different types of technology. Trying different brands, can really expand your likes and dislikes and understanding of how other countries brands work and target their audiences. Allowing you to bring that knowledge to businesses, creating an impression that you are knowledgeable on different brands and technology, which potential could help them to expand. Grabbing the employer’s attention straight away!

4 It’s never too late to learn - Experience is key

The greatest lesson to learn, is learning you have a lot more to learn. You may think, what more could I possibly learn, but you have no idea. Every country is filled with new and exciting things, different languages and different cultures. Learning a new language is especially unique, as companies are now wanting to become international and widen their target audience, having an employee that can speak one or serval different languages is a brilliant added bonus. It can really help you get into some really good and exciting job roles. Here is your chance to have a better understanding of them and gain some valuable life experiences, things you will use for the rest of your life.

5 Chit Chatter - Networking

One of the most crucial and valuable skill in the job market today, is what you would call ‘people’ skills, relating to others, negotiation and been able to work with a variety of different people and backgrounds. A need for good communication is applied to every job role, from writing emails to speaking with colleagues. These skills are imperative for areas such as landing your job offers, how you come across during an interview situations and allowing you the chance to really show yourself off.

Travelling allows you to immerse yourself within the country and the people there, taking part in the surroundings and learning the cultural boundaries. You will find you become a better listener and be more understanding to others. By doing this you are constantly creating contacts, contacts from all different corners of the world. Contacts in which you may need later on in life, which even may help you to find that perfect job.

6 Money, money, money - Budgets, Financing, learning

Living on a budget, as a student I am sure you are very much used to that by now. However living on a budget and using it wisely is another whole different topic. Travelling means there is no student loan, yes I am sorry I have to break it to you but there isn’t I’m afraid. You cannot just go home for the weekend for the hand out from your family. You are dependent now on yourself, don’t panic!

Travelling allows you to have a better understanding of living on a budget. Managing your spending is a great skill that can easily be shifted to a workplace environment. This can be a really valuable skill if you are wanting to go into roles such as accounting and finance. Living on a budget also shows people you have self-control and a sensibly way of thinking. Therefore looking great to an employer, who is about to hire you. 

7 Discovery - Opening unexpected doors

Hate the feeling of the unknown? Not knowing what you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life? As a student you feel like the path ahead of you in unclear and you can’t see whats in-front of you. Well we have a solution, travelling!

Travelling can help you find self-awareness and understanding of who you are. Allowing you then to know, what you enjoy and what you don’t. Even showing you careers that you may not have even thought of before. For example volunteering is a great job to do, it looks great on your CV and you can feel rewarded that you have help someone or a company to do something good. It shows employers that you have self-awareness, leadership, problem-solving, communication and to be able as work part of a team. Skills which are vital in the business world of today.

8 Making a lasting impression - Bringing your CV to life

Using all of these reasons and the many more things you learn whilst travelling, can make you become the best of the best, when looking for that perfect job. By putting all of these attributes, skills, experiences and knowledge into your CV, it will really bring it to life and show off exactly who you are. Employer’s now are looking for something unique, something different from who they hire. Use your travelling experiences and really show yourself off to them, that you’re different from the rest and that they should employ you!

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