8 Things Every Expat Needs to do Before Moving Abroad

Contributed by Sussex SEO, 30 May, 2019

Moving abroad is a daunting yet incredible experience. If you're brave enough to make the move, no doubt it'll be extremely rewarding. Whether you're relocating for work or you just want an adventure, here are 8 things every expat needs to do before moving abroad.

  1. Double-Lock Mobile Phones

    In the rush of moving abroad, you may forget to save your passwords for your social media accounts. Sometimes if you log into your Gmail or Facebook from a new country, it will require you to re-enter your password. Some phones now have a two-factor authentication process, so make sure your phone is linked to an email address or your new local number.

  2. Check Visa Requirements

    If you're going to be staying in another country for the foreseeable future, then you will definitely need a visa. The requirements vary greatly from country to country, so it's best to check with their official website or with immigration lawyers. However, if you're moving for work, then they could be organising all of that for you.

  3. Tell Your Bank

    Alert your bank and any other credit card companies to the fact that you will be moving. With international banks, you may be able to stay put. However, if your bank isn't available in the country you're moving to, then you'll need to switch. There's nothing worse than being thousands of miles away from your home and getting locked out of your account.

  4. Keep Cash for Emergencies

    It's always worth keeping cash on your for emergencies when you're moving abroad. Even though you've told your bank your moving, they may not always action it in the correct way. This is also important if you're waiting for a new bank card to arrive.

  5. Keep a Copy of Your Identification Documents

    As extra precaution, leave a copy of your passport and any other important documents with a friend of family member. That way, if anything ever gets stolen, you'll always have a backup. If you're moving for work, once you're out there your spouse may end up joining you. When they're looking up their spouse visa requirements, it may be useful for them to have a copy of your passport with them too.

  6. Get Your Vaccines

    Even if you're moving to a relatively "safe" country, you should still check with your doctor about any vaccines you may need. The last thing you want to do is go to all the trouble of moving, only to have to move back home to receive treatment for a condition or disease.

  7. Bring a Multi Adapter

    Sure, you could buy one there, but having one for the journey would be incredibly useful. Invest in a universal multicharger to ensure your phone and laptop will never be without power. Buy one with a compact design so it doesn't take up valuable room in your hand luggage.

  8. Establish a Mailing Address

    Not every country has a mailbox through the door. In some, you have to find your own mailing address to have your mail re-directed to. Many companies require you to have an official mailing address, particularly if you're still receiving bank details and bills through the post.

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