All You Need to Know about Administrative Jobs and its Scope in Dubai

Contributed by Megha Raizada, 11 January, 2017

From keeping the inventory of office supplies in place to giving powerful PowerPoint presentations and organizing killer office parties, an administrative assistant has to juggle between multiple and diverse roles. Sadly, most people don’t realize just how important these people are and consider them merely as someone trying to fulfill the requirement for less important tasks. This thinking has to change. Administrative Assistant is one of the most crucial roles for any organization. They are the fuel on which a company runs smoothly.

Types of administrative jobs

The roles and responsibilities of an administrative assistant are varied not just across the globe but even across organizations. Administrative Assistant is a wide term. However, different companies use different terminologies for the job roles depending upon their requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of administrative job roles companies in Dubai offer:

  1. Office Administrator / Admin Executive: This job role requires one to monitor end to end office operations. The roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to assigning jobs to office staff; preparing reports, proposals, and presentations; scheduling appointments and meetings for upper-level staff; tracking inventory of office supplies; answering staff queries and resolving conflicts; assisting departments in preparing budgets and more.
  2. Front Desk Staff: The job of front desk personnel is to monitor incoming calls and visitors and handling inquiries.
  3. Office Manager: In addition to the roles and responsibilities mentioned in the first point, an office manager may also have to coordinate with the IT department to maintain the office equipment.
  4. Personal Assistants: Personal Assistants are hired for people in the higher management to assist and support them with their work.
  5. Clerks: In addition to what a front desk executive does, a clerk also has to sort and deliver incoming and outgoing mails; type, format or edit routine memos; prepare and process bills, fill documents, etc.
  6. Production Assistants: Production Assistants are hired in the media and broadcasting industry to help media professional with TV production.

Education Required

There is no specific degree required to get an admin job in Dubai. However, candidates are expected to at least have a graduate degree and basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. There are many institutions that offer a certification course in office administration which one can consider to maximize their chances to land a job with a big organization. This job is more about the experience than knowledge and to gain experience you have to start from somewhere. Even if you don’t get into a big organization initially, with experience you will eventually get there.

What are the employer’s expectations?

The employers expect an administrative assistant to be an all-rounder. The job requires not just superb organizational skills but also outstanding administrative skills, a go-getter attitude and a great personality. One must possess strong work ethics, problem-solving attitude, great technical skills and extraordinary communication skills. S/he should be a team player. Above all, good command over the English language is a must. Some employers expect their candidates to know the Arabic language as well.

Scope of administrative jobs in Dubai

As organizations and businesses grow, the need for administrative assistants also rises as they are crucial for the smooth functioning of an organization. The scope of administrative jobs in Dubai is directly proportional to Dubai’s job market which is great in terms of offering both job opportunities and career growth. Dubai’s economy is growing and a lot of international organizations are also establishing their operations in the city. Hence, the demand for such jobs is not slated to go down anytime soon.

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