Booking a Holiday? Travel Insurance Jargon Explained

contributed by Columbus Direct, 27 February, 2014

The mornings are getting brighter and the daffodils are starting to bloom. Spring is definitely on its way. Easter is fast approaching and it’s time to start booking some time out with your family.

It is great to book a spontaneous break away, last minute, on a whim. However, it is important to think about the practical side too and ensure that you protect yourself, your family, as well as your hard earned money.

That's why we always recommend that our members purchase travel insurance before they travel and with Columbus Direct you can book up to an hour before you depart.

Columbus Direct provides premium travel insurance for residents in over 45 countries worldwide.

So whether it’s a weekend city break, a family holiday or frequent business trips, you will have complete peace of mind each time you travel.

If you are planning to book your holiday before the 31st March 2014 make sure you get 10% off your travel insurance with Columbus Direct.

Take a look at our list of travel situations you may not expect and how travel insurance can help you:

The Jargon…

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the jargon in long and lengthy documentation. It may even be that you don’t have the time to read through the finer details and don’t realise the breadth of cover available.

We have pulled out the most important parts of our travel insurance policy to make it easier for you.

Medical expenses cover

Our policies cover you for emergency in- and out-patient treatment for illness or injury. This includes non-routine prescription charges, consultations and, with our Premier policy, emergency dental treatment. If it becomes medically necessary to repatriate you back to your home country, then this is covered too.

Do you need it?


Why? If you were to suffer from an illness and needed medical care while abroad, your Columbus Travel Insurance would provide cover for necessary medical, hospital and treatment expenses.

Columbus Travel Insurance would provide 24hr multilingual assistance and work with you and the hospital to ensure that you receive the best possible care.


Our policies cover repatriation to your country of residence in the event that you require transportation following injury or illness.

Do you need it?


Why? If you are involved in an accident or fall ill during your trip and the treating doctor and emergency service agree that you would be better treated at home, our assistance company will ensure your safe return is taken care of so that you can receive further treatment.  

Cancellation and Curtailment

We will compensate you for any unused accommodation and reimburse you for any travel expenses which you incur as a result of having to cancel / curtail your holiday.

Do you need it?


Why? If you were to cancel your trip or have to cut it short due to reasons covered under your travel insurance policy. We would make sure that you were reimbursed for any loss of irrecoverable deposits or payments for unused travel and accommodation, paid or due to be paid.  


We cover the loss, theft or damage to your baggage & personal belongings. We also provide you with an allowance to purchase essential replacement items in the event that your checked-in baggage is delayed.

Do you need it?


Why? If your luggage is delayed at your holiday destination and you are left without your luggage for over 6 hours from the time of arrival at your destination you can purchase essential replacement items to see you through until your luggage arrives.

If after your holiday your suitcase still does not turn up you can claim for the contents of your suitcase.

Travel delay and Abandonment

We will offer you compensation if your trip is delayed more than 12 hours or up to the final invoiced paid costs of the trip should you decide to abandon after that time.

Do you need it?



If your flight is delayed on your return home and you are stuck at the airport for more than 6 hours, it is likely that you will have some unexpected costs while you are waiting to board. Your Travel Insurance policy provides some compensation for this, which could help, especially as you’ve probably spent all of your holiday cash.

Take peace of mind with you wherever you go with Columbus Direct travel insurance! Click here to receive a quote!

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