British tea, chocolate and bacon top the list of products expats can't live without.

Contributed by British Corner Shop, 17 September, 2013

Britons who move abroad might not miss the weather, or the economy, but they can’t do without a cuppa, a new survey suggests.

A survey conducted by British Corner Shop – an online supermarket for British expats – reveals 20% of expats said a proper cup of British tea is one of the things they miss the most.

Top British brands such as Tetley Tea, PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea were named most frequently in the survey, closely followed by Twinings, Scottish Blend and Typhoo.

Mark Callaghan, managing director of British Corner Shop said: “When people move abroad they often think they won’t miss food or drink from home, but millions of Brits drink several cups of tea a day, so giving this up is much harder than you’d think.”

Other products mentioned in the survey were chilled items such as cheese, bacon and sausages, with 12% naming these as the products they struggle to live without.

British chocolate was also a popular answer, especially Cadbury chocolate such as Dairy Milk, Flake and Roses.

Marmite, condiments such as Branston Pickle, Bisto Gravy Granules and Walkers crisps also made the top 10 most popular answers.

Mark Callaghan goes on to say: “We’re not particularly surprised by the products that have made the top 10, the only real surprise was that Heinz Beans didn’t place higher, as this is a top selling product on our website.

Mr Callaghan added: “Tea is likely to remain at the top of the expats most wanted list, as no matter how you dress it up, no tea tastes as good at the classic British brands.”

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