Brits Moving Abroad Without Completely Leaving their UK Lifestyle Behind

Laura Harrison, 26 August, 2014

Over the last decade there has been a significant rise in the number of British people choosing to move abroad, especially during the recession. For instance, in 2006, an estimated 207,000 British Nationals emigrated, and between 2005 and 2010 nearly 107,000 Britons settled for a new life in Australia alone. Although the British economy is looking much more positive, the trend in Brits choosing to move abroad has continued, with 2013 research revealing that more than 400 British citizens are leaving the UK every single day, with an estimated 4.7million UK citizens currently living abroad.

Along with Australia being a popular choice for Brits, destinations like Spain has proved very popular for many expats with roughly 411,000 UK citizens living there, and Canada is also a popular choice with an estimated 675,000 Brits living there. So the question is: why are so many UK citizens moving abroad, and what is the appeal of a life overseas?

For many, the appeal stems from the fact that destinations like Canada, Spain and Australia offer better job prospects, sunnier weather, and an overall better quality of life. However, what appeals to many British expats is the fact that when they choose to move abroad, it doesn't mean to say that they have to say goodbye to their UK lifestyle all together.

Travelling across seas used to be very expensive, however as flights have become much more affordable, it means that many Brits can visit home on a more regular basis. While this may not be the case for Brits choosing to live across the other side of the world in Australia, it is certainly the case for any expats choosing to relocate to Europe – budget airlines mean they can get back to the UK within a couple of hours at an affordable price.  

Cheaper flight prices has also meant that many Brits are choosing to holiday in the UK. While this may seem strange, because after all, many leave the UK to get away from Britain's grey skies, it appears that many people actually miss the British culture and climate. For example, Best of Suffolk, a company specialising in Suffolk cottages, Norfolk cottages and other holiday lets have reported double-digit growth for 2014, with Aldeburgh and Southwold proving particularly popular for visitors.

However, holidaying in the UK isn't the only thing that Brits are doing so that they don't completely leave their British lifestyle behind. Many expats are seeing the benefits of investing in their own park home in Britain, so that they can visit the UK for longer periods of time without being a burden on family and friends by staying at their house. For instance, Omar homes who offer park home for sale delivered a 20% growth last year and have forecasted a 40% growth this year. Park homes have become an increasingly popular choice because they are much more affordable than keeping up with payments for a home in the UK on top of a new home abroad.

Furthermore, advances in technology has also helped expats feel as though they are not completely leaving their UK lifestyle behind. Staying in contact with friends and family has never been so easy -whether it is Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp or social media, there are plenty of ways to get in contact with people back home and stave off any home sickness. For example, nowadays, people are able to have a quick browse on Facebook and get a good idea of what is going on back home, feeling like they can still get a glimpse of their old lifestyle back in the UK.

Overall, it is clear from figures that Brits are continuing to relocate abroad and with flight prices continuing to drop and technology making it easier for people to stay in touch, (wherever they may be in the world) implies that Brits will continue to move abroad in the future, without having to say goodbye to their British lifestyle all together. 

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