Career Opportunities for Both Nationals and Expats in Qatar

Contributed by Aakanksha Pasricha, 11 August, 2016

Qatar, a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), is one of the six Arab states with substantial oil and natural gas reserves and hence is considered to be one of the wealthiest states in the Gulf region. Availability of reserves has tremendously contributed to its growth and development, which in turn has led to an improvement in its socio–economic conditions.

The progress in the economy has resulted in a boom in the Qatar job market, which is full of opportunities for both nationals and expats.
Let's look at the facts of Qatar's job market:-

The aforementioned positive notions clearly state that Qatar values new talent and are keen on attracting and employing creative and young brains so as to become a powerful player in an international job market.

Additionally, experts say that this progress has opened the doors for expat population as the firms are expected to recruit around 1.5 million employees. Qatar has the highest demand for expats mainly in sectors like banking and health care centres. The Sidra Medical and Research Centre, a high tech health care centre for women and children has offered profound job opportunities to around 5000 British staff who are committed to research and education and are expected to educate the next generation.

Therefore, with attractive salary packages coupled with tax free living, many expats feel that working and living in Qatar will be a smooth changeover. However, expats coming over in search of lucrative job offers should be aware of country's traditions, cultural differences, working hours, work culture, living conditions, economic status, language, and communication style, among others. Additionally, in order to work in the country, foreign nationals require Qatari Work Visa, and they can change their jobs after getting a No Objection Letter (NOC) from their previous employer and having the new employer sponsor their work visa.

The work week in Qatar generally runs from Sunday to Thursday, but the working hours vary from company to company. Potential professionals can look out for numerous job opportunities.

All in all, buoyed with positive sentiments due to the boom in economy and the upcoming world cup, working in Qatar will be beneficial for both locals and expats as jobs in the country will fetch them good salary package coupled with opportunities to hone their skills and knowledge.

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