Career Outlook for Administration Jobs in the UAE

Contributed by Aakanksha Pasricha, 13 January, 2016

Administration Jobs are indispensable in nature as people in this position keep the ball rolling. In this competitive landscape, when being successful is so critical, many companies understand the importance of administration jobs and hence offer these opportunities to many prospective candidates.

In this fast paced world, where companies are expanding their operations, requirement of smart and efficient people to take the administrative positions is also increasing exponentially. Additionally, be it any industry or a country, these opportunities are highly visible and are always in demand.  Apart from just handling paperwork, typing and assisting the visitors, assistants nowadays are more reactive and are more successful if they are nimble and adapt to change quickly.

Nowadays, organizations expect their employees to plan meetings, manage calendars, sort emails, synthesize a large amount of data, coordinate long distant meetings, conduct collaborative teamwork, organize events, and the list just continues. Therefore, it is almost impossible to succeed without being efficient and competent, and same applies for the companies who rely on their competitive administrative staff to help them move ahead in their lines of business. Furthermore, people in these jobs can take their career paths in any direction and elevate it based on amount of hard work and dedication they decide to put into their work.

As mentioned above, countries with flourishing economies have a greater number of administrative jobs due to an increase in the number of businesses and their operations. The UAE, a flourishing economy is witnessing a growth in each and every sector, be it health care, oil and gas, real estate, retail, IT, among others, making it beneficial for people, both nationals and expats, looking to fill admin positions. Whether a person is looking for an looking for administration job opportunities in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, the UAE offers excellent job opportunities.

The progress in each and every sector has placed the candidates and professionals in an opportune position as they have a large number of positions across various industries that they can apply to. However, with growing economy and rapid globalization, companies have raised their bar of hiring and are looking for smart and efficient people. Some of the skills include good communication skills, well versed with English and Arabic languages, proficient with computer knowledge, generic software skills, instantaneous in nature, confident, ability to handle pressure, retain and welcome the clients, manage and maintain the office related work effortlessly, among others. 

Types of Administration Jobs

Take a look at the various types of Admin jobs in the UAE that professionals who are eager to carve their career in the aforementioned field can apply to. The following job opportunities vary based on various parameters including work culture, salary structure, industry type, use of technology, organizational structure, and socio-economic conditions, among others. 

People in this position represent the company and cast the first impression of company's values and ethics on visitors. The responsibilities in this role range from answering calls to maintaining to-do list, from data entry to handling day to day challenges and ensuring a smooth run of things. An ideal candidate should have great soft skills, should be a good people manager, and be cognizant and mindful of changes happening in the organization. Confident candidates and people who enjoy conversing with others and building relationships are generally who succeed in such positions.

Office managers have a challenging role, and their work is a key to keep an office running smoothly. This admin position is required to help receptionist and other admin staff by handling issues related to logistics, facility management, office management, dealer's/ vendor's queries, and training/supervision of the employees among others. The scope of responsibilities of office managers/ assistants depends on the organization's business volume and its requirements.

The record officer is the person who maintains the records as well as manages the archives section of the company. The officer is required to assist in arranging, identifying and managing company's data and documents which might include legal, product related, external and internal customers, employees, statistics, policies, risk management. The role of record officer is tedious as they have to maintain and provide details and answer queries from company's comprehensive and huge database.

Executive assistants or personal assistants assist top managers by managing their work and handling their confidential information. The personal assistants are required to handle various tasks including setting up for meetings, office coordination, travel arrangements, handling HR related assignments, managing schedules and updating their respective managers with the needful information. The personal assistants are required to be active and should stay updated with the trends happening in and around the organization. Depending on the company's needs and work culture, personal assistants either assist a single manager or a group of people.

With advancement in technology and complex work environments, the above-stated job roles have experienced a transition in a major way. Also, with the changing times, the role of administrative jobs has become more tech savvy and progressive. The admin managers are now like a "snake in a tunnel" managing a gamut of responsibilities like working on the areas of general marketing, web designing, managing social web pages, accounting, and related areas. This evolution in their responsibilities have also helped organization save money by cutting the manpower cost of the organizations, and in the process get more efficient in the way they carry their operations.

Additionally, nowadays the employers motivate the admin department by rewarding the team which looks out for more effective and innovative methods to carry out operations and solve the day to day problems. Once a dry, boring job has now evolved into a more challenging position and requires smart and motivated candidates to be able to justify these positions and succeed.

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