Dubai Introduces Compulsory Health Insurance For Expatriates

Contributed by The Health Insurance Group, 28 January, 2014

It was confirmed last month, after many years of waiting, that health insurance in Dubai will from this year be compulsory for residents and expats alike. This means that those sending their employees to work there will now have to ensure that they have organised healthcare in advance.

Visas for those looking to live or work in the country will now be linked to the provision of health insurance. Whenever it comes to renewal, it will be expected that the expatriate who is renewing has health insurance in Dubai to cover them, and they will also need to sponsor their families if they are an individual expat employee.

Other than the new legislation for health insurance in Dubai, why is it important to have expatriate health insurance when travelling to the UAE?

The climate is very different from many places in the world, and can be difficult to contend with when expats first arrive. Therefore it is good to know that they have a healthcare service to fall back on should they encounter any health issues due to their new surroundings.

One such health issue that has confronted those living in Dubai in recent years has been respiratory related illness. Both the difficult desert environment and the extensive development that have occurred mean that there has been a rise in cases of things such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Expatriates in the construction industry need to be acutely aware of these issues, as they can often find themselves in the harshest of environments.

Taking all of this and the new legislation into account before emigrating, whether for business or otherwise, is crucial in countries that do not have a free health service. It is also worth thinking about any pre-existing medical conditions you may have, as this is bound to affect your health cover.

Post written by The Health Insurance Group, a leading health insurance intermediary in the UK. 

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