European Residency Programs and How to Obtain The Visas

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A European residency visa (or golden visa) in any country in the EU is something to be treasured. The EU offers a range of benefits and delights, from the versatile living experiences, the bustling metropolitan cities of Lisbon and Nicosia, the snow capped mountains of the Alps to the sun-soaked beaches of Greece and Cyprus, what's not to love. Whatever you are looking for, whatever language you speak, you are sure to enjoy living in Europe.

The biggest benefit of the EU Permanent Residency is that it provides the opportunity to work and live in any of the twenty-six member countries of the European Union and visa-free travel to many other jurisdictions. Given that it is one of the best paths to a passport and full citizenship, many immigrants have flocked to Europe to enjoy the promise of prosperity and opportunity.

The Benefits of a European Residence Permit

The Different Options for Acquiring European Residency

While acquiring residency in the EU is not easy, there are several ways to get into the residency programs. The simplest way of becoming a citizen and resident of an EU country is to prove ancestry in the country applied to. Unlike other programs, you do not have to claim residency from immediate grandparents or parents, as one can qualify for residency even if the ancestry goes back several generations.

You could also get permanent residence status if your partner or spouse has resident status in the EU. Dependents will also be eligible for residency status depending on a variety of factors that may include age, disabilities, guardianship, and how close a familial relationship the applicant has with the dependents.

For a person with no direct familial links, the options available include:

Residency Visa Based on Income

If you run a profitable business that can run independent of your location, and that provides you with a steady income, you could be eligible for residency as a person of independent means in the following countries:

EU Residency by Investment

One of the easiest ways to get a second passport and citizenship in the EU is through investment. With this, one can reside in most parts of the EU, where they can take advantage of high living standards and travel anywhere they please in the European Union. Given that Europe has some of the best investment opportunities in the world, investors can take advantage of profitable and fast-rising property markets. Some of the easiest countries where you can get residency by investment include:

Eligibility for Long Term Residency in the EU

Since there has been a proliferation of Long Term Residency programs in the EU, the government has put in place new requirements for persons wishing to apply to long term residency permits. These include:

Permit Requirements for a Residency Program

To be eligible for a long-term residency program, you will need a residence permit. Given that most nations do not have an interview for applicants to the Golden Visa program, the documentation you will be asked to provide will be critical in the final decision made.

The following are the documents required:

While these are some of the most common requirements, each country may have additional requirements. As such, it is always important to check the respective website of each residency program for a complete list of the requirements.

Things to Take into Consideration When Choosing a Residency Program

  1. What family members and dependents are permitted in one application
  2. What type of investment or business do you want to engage in Europe?
  3. Does the program provide temporary or permanent residence, and how fast or easy is the process?
  4. What are the living costs of the host country, and does it have a favorable taxation system?

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