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Contributed by Welcome Center Malta, 11 October, 2018

Relocating to Malta can be a very rewarding and exiting experience. There are many reasons why expats move to the Maltese Islands, either for a better quality of life, career growth and/or studying. One of the first things you need to consider when moving to Malta, is a place to stay. Finding the right property in Malta, whether it is to rent or buy can be a challenging task. In this article we will provide a brief guide to finding property in Malta.

When it comes to finding property on this island, one was to start by deciding in which location they would like to live in. In Malta, despite being very small, the location does a big difference on the way of life, costs, and commodity.

Zones in Malta

North Zone

This zone groups all the cities and towns the upper part of Malta. Some of the popular cities in this zone are St Paul's Bay, Mellieha and Burmarrad. Properties found in this area are usually priced 'mid-range', with the general rental prices varying between EUR500 a month and EUR900. Despite being accessible by public transport, transfer times might be long.

Central Zone

Similar to the North Zone, this area is not usually considered to be expensive. It however, differs by being much more accessible. Some of the top cities in this segment are Rabat, Attard and Mosta. Being in the center, these towns are close to 'everything' but still away from the busiest cities.

South Zone

The south of Malta is where the main fisher villages are found. It is considered to be quite less accessible than the two zones above. With that being said, you can find some of Malta's cheapest properties here. Some of the top cities in this area include, Marsaskala, Marsaxlokk and Birgu. As a benefit, the south zone is very close to the airport.

Sliema and St Julian's Sliema and St Julian's are not considered as separate zones, however, are the top cities with the biggest expat population. Most of the incoming expats, live here, especially in the first months. Furthermore, most of the jobs of expats and foreign companies are usually found here. Another popular location with expats is the capital city, Valletta.


Gozo differs from all the zones above. It is the most tranquil and home to the most natural greenery from all the islands. With that being said, one of the major limitations, is the accessibility. After landing in Malta's airport, the most common way to cross over, is to catch the ferry from Cirkewwa. Another limitation for expats is that, most of the expat jobs are found on the mainland, Malta. Despite its limitations, still a large number of expats relocate or retire in Gozo due to its lower property prices and tranquil lifestyle.

Types of Properties found in Malta

There are several different types of properties you can choose to live in. Depending on the style, location and budget you have, you can mainly find the following types of properties:

The above are the main types of properties found in Malta. The most common types are apartments, maisonettes, terraced houses and with a growing trend for penthouses. Due to the increase in demand for property, most terraced houses were converted to blocks of apartments in the recent years.

Renting or Buying Property in Malta

When looking for renting or buying property in the Maltese Islands, it is recommended to conduct ample in-depth research about the type of property, location, means of transportation and budget you are willing to utilise. Undeniably this can be quite time consuming and often becomes stressful during the relocation time. What Welcome Center Malta does, apart from providing detailed and reliable information for expats with regards to properties, provides a large portfolio of exclusive properties available from some of Malta's most reputable suppliers.

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