Finding a Job in Berlin with Five Simple Steps

Contributed by Welcome Center Malta, 08 June, 2020

Once you have decided that Berlin, is the destination you would like to call home, one of the first steps is to start the process of finding a job in Berlin. This involves ample research and preparation in order to search for vacancies in your line of work. In this guide, you will find five simple steps how to find a job in Berlin and begin your new life in Germany. Depending on your nationality, you might need to apply for a work visa.

Prepare your Qualifications

Depending on the line of work you would like to pursue, qualifications are usually required. You have to ensure that any qualifications you intend to use to apply for a job, are recognised in Germany. You can do this on the official website on Berlin.

CV and Cover Letter

Prepare a detailed CV and cover letter. Dedicate some time to this task, as this is usually determines whether you get selected for an interview or not. In Germany, you have to include a passport sized photo together with your application. Including any relevant recommendations from previous work experiences, usually increases the likeliness of being noticed.

Search for a Job

There are many ways and sources you can search for a job in Berlin. The city boasts a very large number of start-ups, which offer many working opportunities for expats in Berlin. Other methods include, through agencies, the Federal Employment Agency or even through social networking platforms like LinkedIn.

Do you need a Work Visa?

As mentioned above, some nationalities require a work visa to start working in Berlin. You need a work visa in Berlin, if you are not a citizen of the following:

Any other citizen from countries not mentioned above, need to apply for a work visa. One of the main requirements includes that you would have already a confirmed job offer.

Found a job? Relocate and start your new life in Berlin!

Once you managed to secure a job and satisfied the above requirements, the next step is to relocate, find an apartment and open a bank account in Berlin. The process might be challenging at first, however, you are in the city with everything settled, you will find it very rewarding!

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