Global Citizenship and Residency

Contributed by Oneworld MidEast, 02 February, 2017

We are pleased to announce our new brochure concerning global citizenship and residency entitles "Global Options".

You may press the following link to access the brochure.

In today's globalized world, individuals live and conduct business on an international scale, and the option of a second or even third residence or citizenship, and the freedom that comes with it, is enormously attractive.

Countries themselves are also looking for new ways to generate growth, and governments have increasingly become focused on the benefits of offering individuals residence or citizenship in return for some form of economic investment.

For many individuals the option of a second or even third citizenship is very appealing. The second passport gives a business person access to the global markets, which in turn creates opportunities for growth.

More generally, businessmen/investors and their families are increasingly relocating to regions that can simultaneously provide them with better security, quality of life, education and help them expand their business.

Our citizenship and residency advisory to private and corporate clients involves finding solutions for individuals and families and corporate structures. Our integrated services cover tax, immigration, and citizenship aspects and also international private law and real estate structuring.

For more information and advice on the citizenship and residency programs outlined in this publication, as well as other not included, feel free to contact us.

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