Gym membership costs and obesity in expat destinations

Contributed by Gary Stringer, 17 December, 2013

Many people about to relocate to another country see it as an opportunity for change for the better: to learn a new language, get to grips with a different culture and accelerate their career progression. However, these are not the only benefits of relocation, and leaving behind your old life makes room for other areas of self-improvement, such as keeping fit and healthy.

But which of the popular expat destinations would most easily facilitate a health and fitness overhaul. Based on recent research from the Guardian and cost of living data from Numbeo, Whichoffshore have created the below infographic detailing monthly gym membership costs in the top 10 expat destinations. We’ve also juxtaposed these figures with the countries’ obesity levels to determine whether your move might make you fitter or fatter.

Expats in the UAE are subjected to the highest monthly gym memberships, with the monthly average of £58.05 more than double that of the price in South Africa. Unsurprisingly the research revealed that obesity levels in the UAE stand at more than a quarter of the population, whilst the figure in South Africa stands at 18.10%. However, expensive gym memberships don’t necessarily equate to high obesity rates and lower gym costs won’t always encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Despite French membership costs standing second in the top 10, at £41.89 per month, the obesity rate is lowest of the top 10 most popular expat destinations, at just 12.90%. In contrast, American obesity levels stand at a staggering 35.90%, the highest of all countries surveyed, and this is despite the second lowest average membership costs of just £24.34 per month.

So if you’re planning on relocating abroad and are a keen gym user, you might want to consider heading to South Africa instead of the UAE. And if your diet and lifestyle is influenced by those around you, France is probably a better bet than the USA.

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