How Did Neurolanguage Coaching Develop?

Contributed by Efficient Language Coaching, 23 February, 2021

Over the last fifteen years there has been a definite trend towards "language coaching", and Neurolanguage coaching actually goes one step beyond this with the introduction of the principles of neuroscience pervading the learning process.

So what is Neurolanguage Coaching? It is in fact an approach that introduces the following intothe language learning process:

Over 800 language teachers worldwide have taken the Neurolanguage coaching course to become a and accredited Neurolanguage Coach (ICF CCE accreditation). Some of their testimonials talk of a life changing experience.

The impact on language learners is evident. Most lose the fear to speak and often forget that they are speaking in another language, as they are in a relaxed and trustworthy learning environment. They connect more quickly to the target language as the coach is constantly guiding those connections. They are much more focused on their goals as they take more ownership and responsibility for goals that they personally have set and learners have much more awareness as to how they learn, as we know from the neuroscience that no two brains are the same and we assist our learner to understand more about how the brain learns.

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