How Is The UAE'S Current Employment Market For Expats?

Vinita Tiwari, 09 September, 2014

The United Arab Emirates is one of the flourishing economies in the world with Oil & Gas being one of the major sources of revenue. However, government has now directed initiatives towards bringing in economic diversification. Owing to such governmental approaches, the economy of the UAE is gradually getting freedom from one domain and is giving rise to other sectors as well. This has in turn given rise to the private sector companies and generated a good number of employment opportunities for job seekers.

The ongoing economic growth and a fiery job market has elevated the migration rate and the last quarter of 2013 recorded net migration rate as 16%, which is a commendable figure. This calculative figure is expected to grow by huge numbers in the coming years as the UAE has a lot in store for the job seekers from all over the globe.

Let us project a detailed figure of the Job Market in the UAE and its current position:

The Public Sector: Current Scenario

According to a trusted statistical report, there is just 57% of expats who prefer to join the public sector. It goes without saying that perks and employee benefits that public sector undertakings offer are enough to the outshine the glossiness of the private sector.

However, the technical expertise that expats possess coaxes them for client-based technological projects undertaken in the private sector. On the remuneration grounds, there is not much difference between what is being offered in both the sectors.

For all the expats who are eyeing public sector jobs, here are few facts that should be taken note of:

·       Though government is trying hard to bring in fiscal diversification still the Oil & Gas domain is one of the strongest job creators in the public sector. The expats who are interested in going for a government job can reach out to Energy domain for better opportunities.

·       Expats with disabilities or physical challenges, who aspire to work in government sector, can now expect better job prospects owing to the supportive UAE Disability Act passed by the UAE Federal Government. This policy welcomes physically challenged expats and nationals both to come and join the public sector, if they have the talents and skills.

The Private Sector: Current Scenario

There is no doubt about the fact that the private sector work settings in the UAE are dominated largely by the expatriate workforce. The private limited corporations understand the fact that expats coming in from different parts of the world have excellent technical and communication skills and thus are picked up in huge number by these firms.

For all the expats who are eyeing private sector jobs, here are few facts that should be taken note of:

·       All the privately held businesses in the UAE are being supported by the foreign investments and government initiatives; hence, they are flourishing and have a range of jobs for expats with varied skill sets.

·       According to a latest report commissioned on a known Arab news portal, the UAE Banking sector is back on track and is performing even better. This clearly indicates more and more jobs for the skilled expats.

·       There are other sectors like Real Estate and Construction that are on a high growth projector and job generation spree owing to high foreign investments and migration rate.

Let us now narrow down our analysis by now listing down the Job Growth Areas for Expats in the UAE:

Expats in the UAE: Job Areas for Assured Growth

More than half of the UAE populace constitutes expatriates and these are the people who have managed to secure some of the best-paying employment roles in both private and public sectors. Owing to governmental inclination towards economic diversification, expats can expect some of the best-paying jobs in UAE.

Here are some of the job growth areas for expats:

·       With Dubai winning the bid to host the World Expo 2020, there will be new infrastructural development in the country and this will definitely bring in jobs in Real Estate and construction domain.

·       The Banking sector is also back on a high growth trajectory and with initiatives to welcome foreign banks to come and open their branches in UAE, there are chances of heavy job generation.

·       Oil & Gas sector will always be a dominate sector in the entire Arabic region; therefore, an expat can always expect jobs in here.

·       Travel & Tourism can also be considered a favorable sector for grabbing a high-paying job as there are big events that are lined up and this domain will be the most active one at the moment. Apart from this, the migration activities keep the sector on its toes.

·       A latest report says that Manufacturing companies are also amongst the top job creators in the UAE.

Before We Go..

UAE has become one of the top destinations for expatriate workforce where there are opportunities to earn good and enjoy a high standard of lifestyle. The employment market will be booming in the upcoming quarters of 2014 and both private and public sectors will have some of the best-paying and highly satisfying jobs.

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