How to Explain Your Extended Period of Joblessness in Interviews & Discussions

Contributed by Vineeta Tiwari, 17 October, 2014

Why is your resume showing so many gaps? Will you please explain me your unemployment status for these many months? These can be squirm-inducing questions and you feel your heart racing and voice stuttering while explaining things. Well, you don’t have to be a perfectionist or a deal breaker; you simply have to be prepared mentally to handle such scenarios. The tips are simple and can be incorporated right now so that the next time you face an interview, you stay calm and feel confident rather than tensed.

1.     'Honesty is the Best Policy'

Interviewers are generally the hiring managers of Human Resource professionals or the manager of the team that has that particular opening. It is almost impossible to make their attention go around off you so all you need to do is to be careful while you speak. For instance, there is no point stating your internship of 3 months as a job in some company; this will look absolute absurd or declaring your job switches as professional constraints. Be direct and a clear communicator. If you have skills then sky is the limit for you and you can anyhow secure the job.

2.     Remember! "Perfect Body language Oozes Confidence"

Body language is one of the important factors that decides the success or failure of your job interview. It is very important to know the importance of maintaining a good body communication/language so that you look upbeat and focused during the tenure. A slouched sitting posture or sleepy face will only support the failing resume owing to professional gaps and can trim down your chances of getting selected. Be upbeat, sit straight and smile on so that even if you have a weak candidature still you put a positive mark on the interview process.

3.     Maintain an Expression of Being Focused

It is very important to show that you are focused during the job interview. While talking about your experience and employment gaps, you may get carried away and talk tirelessly about the pitfalls. This is an absolute wrong approach when it comes to facing interview with a little weak candidacy. Stay confident and show that you are eager for that particular job opening and you can go extra miles to fit right in on all grounds. The expression of being focused is the ultimate weapon to show that you have all the elements in you and nail the job right away.

4.     Frame a Winning Resume

A resume is a document that goes first in the hand of an interviewer and this is what makes the impression. You should be carrying a resume that has all the jobs done listed in a chronological order but there are certain things that need to be taken care of:

·       Instead of mentioning start date and end date; mention the total number of years or months for which you did a job. A consolidated look can help the employer get a clear picture about the tenure and you can also explain things clearly.

            E.g.: Instead of GE Aviation (July 2012-Aug 2013), write GE Aviation (13 months)

·       The resume should have internships and full-time jobs mentioned separately and clearly so that each time frame is defined and you just have to explain severe gaps and nothing irrelevant.

·       Keep your resume short and simple so that there are less chances of explaining things.

5.     Acknowledge Your Mistakes

It’s not a dumb act to accept and take the ownership of your own mistakes and this applies to your job interview as well. A clarification on your employment gap should be upfront yet polite and should reflect you taking ownership of any mistake committed in your professional arena. This will project you as a person who is not afraid to face the music and takes responsibility of each and every action done.

6.     Discuss Current Trends & Scenarios

Marketing yourself well and that too at the right time can save you from drowning deep. During the interview, wherever relevant, talk about the current scenario in the industry and provide a sectorial analysis to the interviewer. This will also make the interviewer think that despite gaps you have been keenly following the sector.

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