How to Relocate your Business to Europe

Contributed by BridgeWest, 30 April, 2018

The European Union presents unique and important opportunities for companies; the impressively large number of potential clients and consumers is spread throughout more than 25 countries in the Union. Businesses relocate for a number of reasons, among which we can mention top ones like easier access to certain markets, lower company management costs and access to qualified personnel. If you want to know more about how to relocate your business to Europe you can read this article and then explore the particularities of the chosen relocation country.

  1. Ireland

    Investors choose to relocate a company to Ireland particularly because of the low corporate income tax rates and its pro-business policies. Foreign investments receive important attention from the Government and foreign entrepreneurs enjoy the same rights as nationals. Capital grants, interest subsidies, grants for training and research activities and others are available. Company relocation is a straightforward process that begins with incorporating an Irish company.

  2. Switzerland

    Switzerland has one of the highest per capita GDPs in Europe and has a very well-developed services sector, with a number of industries that are recognized around the world, including banking, health and pharmaceuticals, watches and precision instruments and tourism. The GmbH is the preferred business form for those investors who choose to relocate their business in Switzerland and for the relocation to be complete, investors will need to incorporate a Swiss company.

  3. Germany

    Germany has one of the top economies in Europe and this can be an important reason to relocate a company to Germany. The country's location in Europe is another advantage, especially for some types of businesses. Investors have several options when choosing to incorporate here, however, the GmbH remains a preferred business form.

  4. The Netherlands

    A country known for its pro-business and pro-foreign investment policies, the Netherlands is a preferred location to relocate a business in Europe. The country also presents advantages for owners of British businesses looking to relocate after the Brexit. The BV company or the private company along with the public company are two of the preferred business forms. Investors have access to a number of tax incentives when opening a Dutch company and it is recommended that they explore these advantages.

  5. Belgium

    Foreign-owned companies in Belgium are treated the same way as businesses incorporated by nationals. This, along with a favorable position in Europe, make up two of the most important reasons why investors choose to relocate their company to Belgium. Tax incentives are available for research and development activities.

  6. Italy

    Company relocation to Italy is a simple process and will imply that investors open a joint-stock company or a limited liability company. A minimum share capital will be needed and once the business is set up, investors will be able to enjoy a number of tax incentives, based largely on the size and the location of the business.

The decision to relocate a business is an important one. We recommend that investors explore their available options and, when needed, request specialized company incorporation services in their country of choice.

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