How to ace moving abroad: your checklist for moving

Contributed by Sirelo, 30 May, 2017

Moving abroad is a busy and stressful process even at the best of times. Moving to another country adds another level of pressure. If you don't know which way to turn then look no further! Sirelo has compiled a handy guide of how to move abroad and when to have everything done by.

2 months to go

At around 2 months to go you should have found a place to live, or at the very least plan to meet with an estate agent in your new country of residence. Once this is arranged then its time to get down to the nitty gritty of your international move.

6 weeks to go

Time flies so make sure that you're ready to get to the next step. Now its time to start preparing your home and family for the move.

1 month before your move

Time to find an extra gear and get a bit more serious. The move is just around the corner now.

2 weeks to the big move

Time to start planning the finer details. Clarify with the removals service what they will and won't do. Are they door to door? Will they help you packing? What about assembly and disassembly of furniture? Plan what your family and or pets will need for the move and the actual journey of going to a new country.

1 week before your move

This is where you make the final arrangements for your move to get off to a positive start. Keep that folder in a handy but safe place – don't lose it in the chaos. This is the time where almost everything should be packed and you should start to prepare your moving day survival kit.

On the day you move

This is the day when all of your months of planning and preparation come together. Moving abroad is a big day and can be full of emotions, thats why its important to do be organized beforehand.

Upon arrival at your new home

You've finally made it. You're there but your stuff isn't so be prepared to live without your things for a while. After your belongings arrive the house will start to feel like home. Make sure that everything that you have sent has arrived there, use your inventory list again.

Settle in to your new life

Give yourself a pat on the back, you've done it. Its been a busy few months but all of this hard work has paid off. Although the move is done, now its time to make sure that you settle in to your new environment well.

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