ICO Launch Malta - What you need to know

Contributed by Welcome Center Malta, 20 December, 2018

The need for launching ICOs in Malta is booming. With the recent developments in the cryptocurrency sector, there are several ways how entrepreneurs can open a company in Malta in Malta. Nowadays people are beginning to implement new ways to generate capital and investors for their ventures. Through ICOs, it is now possible for businesses to present their ideas to the world and then generate potential investors to support their idea.

Reasons why you should Launch ICO in Malta

Requirements for Launching an ICO

Apart from the basic requirements from opening a regular company, such as, coming up with an idea, having a clear purpose, business plan and funds, launching an ICO in Malta has the following requirements:

Whitepaper - Once you have an idea and plan in place, you need to set up the ICO whitepaper. This is a document that is reviewed by an expert in the sector and is usually done by the founders of the company. The whitepaper has to include all the details of your plan and has to act as a selling tool to generate potential investors.

Website - in order to advertise your product, you need a company website. The site has to look good, be user friendly and the impression it instils can have a major effect on the success of your ICO.

Team - Choose who is on your side. Launching an ICO is no one-man show and the team you have working with you can either help you and hinder your success. Consider hiring professionals in the field to enhance your product.

Funds required to launch an ICO in Malta

It is not considered as a cheap and quick process to successfully launch an ICO in Malta. It is estimated that you need between Euro 60,000 - Euro 70,000 to launch an ICO. Such cost includes the developing of a website, coding, advertising and the launch of your product. This, however, depends on several things such as the type of products or services offered, the number of people you need to hire and where you choose to promote it. A large amount is usually dedicated solely to ICO advertising.

Welcome Center Malta

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