Immigration and Relocation Interest is gaining momentum from South Africa to UK post-Covid

Contributed by SA Furniture Removals, 15 December, 2020

South Africa remains one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, with a temperate climate, hot Summers and mild Winters. Living space is plentiful and recreational activities are varied, which allows a healthy balance of lifestyle.

Despite the ravages of Covid-19 on the World Economy, 2020 has seen a marked increase in the number of emigration enquiries from South Africans.

Relocation destinations are diverse, The UK, New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Canada remain the most popular, although countries such as the Seychelles, Malta and other tax havens are inching up the list.

Feedback from Popular removal companies in The United Kingdom namely Bournemouth Removals, Basingstoke Movers, and Biggles Removals confirms that interest and activity from South Africa have increased since The Covid outbreak. 

Reasons are equally varied, but the top concerns about the future of South Africa remain. South Africans of all races and cultures are opting to discover countries that offer more in terms of lifestyle security.

Improved safety and security are still the top desire for emigres, a basic expectation of any citizen of any country, and crime-weary South Africans have grown tired of this blight on their land. Another major concern is the lack of future for children, especially under a demanding employment equity program. Professionals suffer restricted opportunities in the job market as the policy favours a particular segment of the population while restricting the other race groups vying for jobs in the same market.

The deterioration of basic social services is another cause for concern, exacerbated by the mooting of the opening of private medical facilities and insurance to all citizens and not just subscribers. It is not just this facet of social services which is a worry for Joe Citizen. The rampant crime rate and the apparent lack of an efficient Police Service to address this disease has contributed to the sense of despair.

A rising cost-of-living, which impacts negatively on living standards; high unemployment; and an increasingly charged political environment borne by a very low percentage of the population; are further factors for the rise. Basics of a functioning society, such as effective public transport further continue to frustrate citizens of this beautiful country.

Earning potential for professionals is higher in the aforementioned countries, combined with low-interest rates and a moderate cost of living, have a double advantage to the earning potential in these countries.

Businesses, through Covid Lockdown, have adapted to a more decentralised format of work. Work from home has become more acceptable and remote management of businesses has increased, even across borders and oceans.

A move to the United Kingdom may be on the cards for many more South Africans. If you in South Africa and need help with your relocation overseas then contact Cape Furniture Removals, JHB Movers, or DBN Moving Company if you are in The Western Cape, Johannesburg, Gauteng or Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

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