Is Your Health Cover As Mobile As You Are?

Contributed by Medibroker, 06 October, 2015

If you're living and working overseas, you will probably have worried about what would happen should you need medical attention. Private health insurance is a saviour for expats, but the plethora of plans out there can be overwhelming. Expat medical insurance experts Medibroker explain one of the main things that confuses expats.

It's tempting to buy a local plan, mainly because they're less expensive and you figure you'll benefit from inside knowledge. What many expats don't realise until they're in a sticky situation is that a local plan doesn't cover you when you travel outside that country. For globally mobile people, this can be a real negative.

The problem with local plans that many people don't realise

If you have a local health plan and are treated for any conditions while in the host country, these health issues then become what insurers call 'pre-existing conditions' when you leave the country and are forced to leave behind a local plan. Any conditions previously treated will now be pre-existing conditions to a new insurer and that could mean higher premiums, exclusions or even refusal to cover at all.

Why should I go international?

You'll be covered everywhere you go

Whether you're on a business trip to Nigeria or travelling for leisure within Europe, you can rest assured that your international plan has your back.

Freedom to choose

Local health plans restrict your choice of hospitals in which you can receive treatment.

With an international plan, you can elect to have treatment in the facility of your choice. Prefer to be treated in your home country? An international plan will allow for this, which is especially reassuring for people living overseas in countries where the healthcare is of a lower standard than home.

A long term solution

Buying an international health cover policy is more convenient and cost-effective in the long-term. A local plan, on the other hand, means that if you move on to your next expat destination or return home, you will not be covered. You will then need to purchase another plan on top of your local cover, or face the costs of treatment without insurance. With an international plan, you avoid these unforeseen costs.

This is a particularly important consideration for British expats who may return to the UK for a holiday or repatriation, in light of the recent NHS crackdown on health tourism. You can read about how British expats can protect themselves upon returning to the UK here.

Peace of Mind

With an international plan, you have the added security of avoiding getting lost in translation when it comes to the wording of your policy.

You may be unsure about many things in your new life abroad, but you shouldn't be unsure about your health insurance.

Ease of use

Most international health plans provide policy holders with direct billing systems which means that medical fees will be settled directly between the hospital and the insurer. This is particularly important if you don't have spare cash to pay medical fees upfront and then be reimbursed later, as is the case with a lot of local plans.

Medibroker International can help you find an international health insurance plan that meets your individual needs and covers you wherever you go. Their expert advice is completely free and they are also impartial, meaning they don't work on behalf of the insurer. They recommend the best plan for you.

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