Making a Good Impression in the Next Pilot Interview: Tips to Ace it!

Contributed by Anshuman Kukreti, 19 November, 2015

They often say that flying an airplane is a crazy thing to do. But, you know one thing that is all the more fun?

Getting paid with big bucks to do the same.

Yes, you sure have invested an awful load of money and time to get yourself trained with the prowess of flying an aircraft. Goes without saying that what awaits next is for you to search a job with the best airline corporations on the globe, and it is possible in every way.

There are people who undergo the course, take the training and settle for mediocre jobs. On the other hand, there also are people who take up job roles with big shots from the get go and the only constraint making a difference is that of the interview.

It's up to you to make or break the deal. Hence, shared below are a few tips which seek to increase the know-how about the next pilot interview coming your way. Drop sufficient glances and score the best of pilot jobs on the globe.

It All Begins with Research, and a Rigorous One!

Be it any corporation you're applying for, experts will always advise you to undergo a thorough research about the airline company, the country it belongs to and the culture practiced amongst the passengers hailing from the country. It is also advisable to go for questions that are commonly asked in such interviews, like the primary motivating factor to join the airlines and the family situation in case a relocation is required. However, you cannot overlook the technical know-how about CRM and crew management.

Most importantly, it is quite significant to know the weightage during every stage of selection. It might be the case that this interview is a part of the screening process and a psychometric test on the computer is still to follow.

Be Prepared for a Broad Spectrum of Interviewers

Well, this is something every interview for a pilot job stumbles upon, at some point or the other. You should always be prepared to face different kinds of interviewers depending upon the country and company they belong to. For instance, in big shots like British Airways, candidates are generally introduced to HR associates and line pilots during various rounds of the interview based on competencies. This way, the company ensures that the candidates hired are engaged pilot-to-pilot and the desirable traits are seen in the next generation of employees recruited.

Stay Clam, Whatever May Happen!

This is a sector that requires you to be highly presentable and calm, at all instances. The same gets tested during your interview as well. Most airlines will make you fly from your home to places they have their headquarters in, on their own aircraft. An astonishing point to note is, the interview starts as soon as you step foot on the airport. Some candidates still have the propensity to blow it by giving the airport staff a hard time. Well, who knows, the ticket officer might deduce that you're being interviewed and makes a call to report your behavior to the employer. Hence, stay calm and enjoy the journey!

Work on Your Interpersonal Skills as Well

Again, this is a business of customer relations wherein you need to demonstrate your interpersonal skills on a regular basis. Expect questions on communication skills and people skills to cover a major chunk of the interview. As a pilot, you'll be required to oversee all operations, crew interaction and greet clients from time-to-time. Hence, you can any day expect questions like, 'Describe your personality as a commercial pilot?'

Tips are endless to list, nevertheless the necessary ones have been mentioned above. Keep these in mind and you'll surely score the job with your dream company.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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