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Contributed by Fiducenter, 22 October, 2013

Fiducenter is an independent provider of professional services, with presence in Luxembourg, Cyprus, Singapore and Malta. We provide a comprehensive range of international business services, including professional consultation, transaction advisory, formation of investment funds, companies, trusts and other investment and business vehicles, wealth management, family office, immigration and much more.

We can provide a plethora of services related to investment in immovable property in the countries in which we have presence, either as part of a broader service, such as immigration, or on a stand-alone basis. Working with reputable associates, such as real estate developers and agents, insurance providers and others, we can provide a full range of services related to investment in real estate, including acquiring a property and taking advantage of special migration schemes and incentives (such as the one related to permanent residence permits). You can find below more details about the services we can provide.

Pre-investment services:

Investment services:

Post-investment services:

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