Relocating Abroad for Business Purposes

Contributed by Welcome Center Malta, 02 January, 2019

Relocation for Business Purposes

Entrepreneurs around the world continuously seek new opportunities on how to grow and prosper their ventures. As more time passes, more people are deciding to relocate their company overseas or start afresh in a destination with business related advantages. When it comes to business in Malta, the island has ample to offer. It acts as a hub for international businesses and provides access to some of the top trade markets in the world. Furthermore, the government provides many incentives that makes opening a company in Malta quite attractive.

Relocating with Welcome Center Malta

When it comes to relocating to Malta, Welcome Center Malta is the one stop shop for any expat or business person seeking to move to the island. The platform's main objective is to provide its readers with updated, credible and reliable content that facilitates one's move.

Apart from content, WCM also specialises in a number of business services;

Corporate Services - When it comes to incorporating a company in Malta, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Welcome Center Malta is equipped with ample industry professionals that assist companies in services such as company formation, tax advisory, data centre services, and finding commercial property.

Blockchain Services - Following the gaming revolution, this industry is growing significantly in Malta. The island being one of the first countries in the world to adopt and provide incentives for such a disruptive industry. WCM provides expert assistance in ICO launch Malta, register a crypto currency exchange or VFA services.

Yacht Registration - The Maltese International Ship Register is one of the most known in the world. The Maltese Flag's popularity grew over the years and is now recognised as the best in Europe and ranks 6th in the world. WCM provides you with professionals in the sector to ensure you with a successful and stress-free yacht registration in Malta.

Relocating with Welcome Center Germany

WCM is in affiliation with Welcome Center Germany. Similar to what Welcome Center Malta provides, Germany's platform mainly focuses on providing expats and entrepreneurs with useful and high-quality content, connects its audience with high reputable suppliers across Germany and assists clients with German health insurance.

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