Relocating to the Maltese Islands

Contributed by Welcome Center Malta, 01 November, 2018

Whether you are taking a job offer, retiring, buying property or doing business in Malta, the island offers countless opportunities for foreigners relocating to the country. Malta is in the heart of the Mediterranean and offers ample accessibility to most of the European countries. Furthermore, it is home to a perfect climate, boasting 300 days of sunshine per year!

It is also quite safe when compared to other popular destinations and the locals usually speak fluently Maltese and English, and in some cases also Italian, French and Spanish. This makes living and working here quite fun and easy going.

Employment in Malta

Employment in Malta is quite high, and the country has a very diverse and secure economy. Some of the top industries seeking to employ foreigners are the hospitality, IT sector and Gaming industry. For those seeking to find work in Malta, Welcome Center Malta provides access to some of the top recruiters on the island.

Doing Business in Malta

When it comes to starting a business or relocating your existing business in Malta, Welcome Center Malta provides all the information access and contact required for a successful process. There are many reasons and benefits why you should consider starting a business in Malta. For more information look into the Corporate Services provided by Welcome Center Malta.

Property in Malta

When deciding to relocate to the Maltese Islands, it is inevitable that you would need to search for the right property to live in. In recent years, the real estate market boomed in Malta. Many foreign investors are deciding to invest in real estate or property developments, as this type of industry is usually always returning the amount invested.

When it comes to buying or renting property, Welcome Center Malta's portfolio provides some of the most luxurious properties found in Malta.

Quality of life

When your new home offers 'never-ending' sunshine, beautiful beaches, scenery, business opportunities, friendly locals, few if none communication barriers and accessibility to and from most countries, its hard to argue that the quality of life is not a great one. With that being said, like in any country, this means that you have to work hard and then you get to make the most of your leisure time.

Relocate to the Maltese Islands, with Welcome Center Malta, everything you need, in one place!

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