Relocation to Malta Guide for Non-EU citizens

Contributed by Welcome Center Malta, 13 February, 2020

Malta is a beautiful country that many expatriates choose to call home. This comes out of many reasons, as Malta offers many opportunities and incentives to its residents. In this article, we will outline 3 of the main reasons why expats choose Malta, the relocation process from a non-EU country, work and business opportunities.

Reasons Why Expats Choose Malta

To start with, one of the country's official languages is English. This offers expats the ease of communication when it comes to both living and working on the island. Furthermore, if it is a company moving to Malta, an English-speaking population makes it easier to hire labour.

Apart from the language, the island, being centrally located on the equator, offers an unbeatable climate for business and living. The Maltese Islands boast over 300 days of sunshine per year! This makes it an ideal destination for events, incentives and outdoor activities.

Going back to its strategic location on the map, Malta is accessible from the main airports within 2-4 hours travel time. This makes it very easier to travel within the EU for business or leisure. Last but not least, Malta is part of the European Schengen visa system. This allows freedom of movement within 26 member countries of the EU. You may choose to opt for a short term visa (Visa C) or alternatively, for longer stays, you have to opt for a residence programme. For those wishing to invest in the country, Malta also offers the possibility of Citizenship by Investment. Alternatively and specifically for Non-EU residents, Malta offers the Global Residence Programme.

The Residence Programme designed for Non-EU citizens

The Global Residence Programme GRP is designed for applicants from Non-EU, non-EEA and Swiss nationals. This offers individuals application for said programme the possibility of freedom of travel within the Schengen area and also tax benefits. This applies for both the applicant and their family.

Requirements to apply for the Global Residence Programme

Once relocated successfully to Malta and attained a residence programme, applicants can now work and conduct business on the island. Apart from the quality of life, the island attracts many individuals for business reasons.

Doing Business in Malta

The government in Malta has put many incentives into play, in order to attract talent and foreign companies to the island. This includes a range of tax incentives, the company formation Malta process and general costs involved. The process of opening a company in Malta is usually straight forward, but there are many steps involved. Due to this, it is usually recommended to speak to a professional to register a company. Furthermore, they can guide you with finding the best tax model for your business. Some other benefits of doing business in Malta include a low share capital required when establishing a new company, low social securities, no language barriers, ease of business travel and sane income taxes. That being said, the largest benefit for foreign companies are the tax benefits. In some cases, businesses can benefit from an effective tax rate as low as 5%.

Where to apply for GRP and company formation in Malta?

You can for a Global residence programme or opening a company in Malta, through the Government's departments, however, it is usually smoother if you get assistance in doing so. Welcome Center Malta is a platform dedicated in assisting individuals and companies to relocate to Malta, no matter your location.

Welcome Center Malta offers a range of services required for your relocation and when it comes to living on the island, it provides updated and detailed guides while connecting its readers with the most reputable service providers on an international basis. With that taken into consideration, Malta is not only an attractive location for business. It also home to many luxury leisure activities. Such luxuries include private jet and yacht charters Malta. Whatever your need, Welcome Center Malta's dedicated team is ready to help you.

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