Remote Work: Pros and Cons

Contributed by FXTM, 14 April, 2020

A decade ago, it was hard to imagine that it's possible to work and earn money from the comfort of one's home. However, in recent years, this tendency is becoming more and more popular. Lots of enterprises have started to make use of benefits from hiring remote employees:

While companies begin working with remote specialists and offer such vacations, specialists who enter the market may still have doubts. Here, we are going to list most of the benefits and flaws of remote work so that a carefully weighed decision could be made.

Advantages of Being a Freelancer

If you are a specialist in the field where working remotely is possible, for instance, you are a translator, writer, broker, accountant, you are among those lucky people who can work from the comfort of their home. Aside from this, a remote job has got such benefits:

  1. No need to spend time and money on commuting: Lots of people spend around two or even more hours to get to the office and back home. This time can be used much more effectively.
  2. Comfortable working environment: At home, you are free to furnish your working zone as you want. This can be a comfortable chair, bean bag or sofa. The comfier you feel, the more productive your day is going to be.
  3. Less stress: Most communication is carried out through chatting. Thus, if some colleagues from the office can create a stressful environment, you will hardly feel this through messages.
  4. Feasibility to simultaneously handle two jobs or projects: If you are working remotely, you may plan your own schedule including other projects. For instance, one may read the guide for Forex trading and strategies to make more money on the stocks market.
  5. Enough time for sports: A lot of people refuse from going to a gym or jogging in the morning simply because there is not enough time for this. Saving a couple of hours per day, it becomes possible to squeeze sport into the schedule. This is the contribution to health, as well as working effectiveness.
  6. Open possibility for self-education and hobbies: There is a huge variety of online courses and resources on the Internet. Having spare time, one may finally learn the basics of investing and Forex trading, enrol the course on programming or finally start speaking another foreign language.

Remote Work Pros and Cons

Disadvantages of Working from Home

Probably, the main reason why lots of companies are still not eager to hire remote employees only is the lack of control over them. Undeniably, how can a CEO be sure that employees are using their time effectively if they are not in the office? What are the flaws of a remote job for freelancers?

Is It Worth Working Remotely?

There is no certain response for a freelancer and an enterprise alike. The possibility of remote work has certain undeniable advantages that open wide opportunities. However, such a lifestyle is not for everyone. If you need to be in the middle of a social group and require face-to-face communication, it is not a good idea to consider freelancing. Though, those who are well-organized and value every single second of the day will become much more effective thanks to the possibility to work remotely. Consider own benefits and flaws before making a decision, as well as estimate the percentage of freelance specialists in the niche you are working in.

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