Residence permit in Latvia - a great alternative to the old Europe

Contributed by Sanemto, 27 January, 2015

Many people who wish to obtain a visa or residence permit in Europe look for such countries as Germany, France, Spain, or Italy. Less well known are options to obtain a residence permit or visa in Latvia, on the Baltic Coast.

Latvia is a popular destination for Russians, Ukrainians, and inhabitants of other former Soviet countries. Latvia also has many Chinese citizens who have a residence permit in Latvia. Latvian residence allows individuals to live and travel without visas in the whole of the Schengen area, and nowadays Latvia has the shortest time for document review in Europe - from submission to ID card it takes only seven working days.

There are several ways how to obtain a temporary residence permit, which is valid for a period of time not exceeding five years:

This means that Latvia has options for different investors, such as business people, who wish to run a business in a country whose taxes are among the lowest in the European Union, and property owners and who are ready to put money in the bank and don't have anything other business or property in Latvia.

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