Revealed: The Real Costs Of Medical Treatment Around The World!

Contributed by TINZ, 16 May, 2017

From a bout of the bends to a ghastly spell of gastro, there's no telling where or when you may require medical aid on your travels. What's certain is that it's going to cost you a lot, particularly in certain areas of the world! Find out more in our medical costs map below!

Round The World Medical Costs Revealed

$2,000, Indonesia, Bali: Rabies vaccination and treatment for monkey bite
$5,500, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh: Hospital treatment for injuries resulting from motorbike crash
$8,000, Africa, Ghana: Eight- day hospital treatment for malaria
$11,200, Vanuatu, Port Vila: Three treatments for decompression sickness
$25,000, Japan, Niseko: Hospital admission and surgery for broken arm
$50,000 Thailand, Bangkok: 14-day hospital treatment for seizures
$120,000, Germany, Bavarian Alps: Cost of helicopter air ambulance
$800,000 USA, Houston: 18-day hospital treatment for pneumonia

Don't pay the hefty price of a holiday health hiccup. You deserve to see the world without the added burden of a bulky hospital bill. With travel insurance, you can make magical memories knowing that if you take a tumble or fall ill abroad, your medical costs will be covered.

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