Scope of Teaching Jobs in Qatar

Contributed by Aakanksha Pasricha, 22 September, 2015

Qatar, a member of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is one of the six Arab states rich in oil and natural reserves. The country owing to its oil reserves is considered as one of the wealthiest states in the Gulf Region, and boasts of a glitzy skyline, luxury hotels, shopping malls, and futuristic structures among others.

Buoyed with positive developments in the economy, the country has witnessed a steep jump in its job market, which in turn has boosted its economic growth.

Owing to the nature of jobs available, the job market is in a boom promising a bright future for both aspiring students and professionals. With ample of job opportunities in almost every sector including oil and gas, petrochemicals, real estate, marketing, aviation, teaching, hospitality, information technology, and retail among others, the country has a potential to offer incredible opportunities to both expats and national population. Moreover, the overall growth observed in the economy has led to a rise in available job opportunities as employers are in a position to spend more on finding talent suitable for their organizations. This willingness has significantly helped young talent who are looking to get into mainstream industry by locating opportunities in their areas of expertise.

One of the areas that has a lot to offer, both in the terms of number of opportunities and scope is education. Qatar, therefore, is a popular destination for the expats as the country offers plenty of very well playing positions for the educators. The idea of working as an educator in Qatar is further sweetened by amazing perks, especially by international schools in the country, that come along with such jobs.

However, there are some essential pointers which should be taken into consideration before committing to this profession in Qatar.

Outlook for teaching employment in Qatar is very bright as educators can get a chance to work with the best and reputed private and other international schools and earn competitive salaries. Doha, the capital state of Qatar, is considered to be one of the prime destinations for the educators as the city boasts of the best schools in the world and offers gamut of teaching jobs ranging from kindergarten to middle/ secondary school positions. . The skill set required to excel in this field includes a valid teaching license or a certificate, a minimum experience of 2-3 years, good command over English and Arabic language, flexibility in work, capability to understand the students and work with them at a personal level, a course or a degree from a certified university or an institute and in-depth knowledge of their respective subjects and marginal IT skills. As per the performance of the teachers, the average monthly salary in Qatar is about 15,628 QAR.


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