Short travelling guide for British expats

Contributed by Sussex SEO, 21 December, 2018

Want to learn how to become a digital nomad? If you've left the UK and now want to give this nomad lifestyle a chance then you need to know what you're getting yourself into. In theory, the digital nomad lifestyle seems like a dream, but is it?

Prepare, prepare and prepare some more for your trip

While when you go on vacation you can pretty much wing it, when you want to go and work in different amazing places you need to prepare for everything. The nomad travel style involves being able to live out of your suitcase, so learn about the country you will go to and apply what you learn. The nomad's clothing will be different in Asia than it will in Russia. Plan accordingly.

Find unknown destinations

It's easier to concentrate on working in a beautiful place when there are less distractions. Sure the laptop lifestyle is fun to think about and you could just get your laptop anywhere and work wherever but if there's a lot of noise it won't be easy. If the place is more secluded then it's going to be quite and nice. Plus think about the guide price as well. Well-known destinations will be a lot more expensive.

Search for cosy places with WIFI

A travelling man that wants to work will require a good internet connection. If you're in Thailand and see everyone on the beach having fun and you have to work, that might not feel very good. The last thing you need is bad internet to ruin your mood completely. As vital as the internet is to do your travelling jobs, the place where you use it is just as important. Look for a place that's comfortable and in which you can sit for at least eight hours if not more. Have all the necessities there so that you don't have to stop a million times.

Earn money fast

The most important part when trying to be a digital nomad is to find the perfect jobs and ways to make money so that you can afford the lifestyle and the constant travelling. You need to have a constant job and some side hustles. For example, you could be a blogger, but also know how to take advantage of the best casino bonuses on online casinos such as Jetbull to make some side money. You can be a SEO specialist that also does affiliate marketing in his spare time. The possibilities are endless, you just have to hustle, grind and plan ahead!

It won't necessarily be easy, but the experience should change your life. You get to visit any place you've ever dreamed of and if you think it through you could also make a lot of money without working that hard.

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