South Africa's Diverse Landscape and Heritage is fuelling a thriving South Africa Moving Company Industry

Contributed by SA Furniture Removals, 23 January, 2020

South Africa is a country rich in more than just minerals. It is geographically vast with a temperate climate and a natural, rugged beauty which is often breath-taking yet never bland.

With over two and a half thousand kilometres of coastline stretching across the south of the African continent, South Africa offers just about everything to visitors and residents alike. An economic powerhouse of Africa, the country attracts a large expat community as well as large pockets of foreigners who enjoy year-round summer through living for six months in this beautiful country.

Rich in indigenous wildlife, the standard bearer for South Africa's wildlife offering, the Kruger National Park is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. Each of the country's nine Provinces offers activities for the tourist.

For expats already living in the country, South Africa is a treasure trove of beauty, outdoor activities, travel options and activities for the entire family.

The East Coast's jewel is most certainly Durban, a holiday favourite for many generations, and the greater KZN is a popular choice of Northern Hemisphere transplants, its tropical climate a major drawcard.

South Africa's most popular destination for tourists and locals alike is without doubt Cape Town. The picture-card region offers a lifestyle which is envied, a blend of work-hard-chill-hard ethos which is hard to emulate across the country. The region offers a myriad activities. Water sports, mountaineering, trail activities including hiking and mountain-biking surfing, hang-gliding, you name, they do it in Cape Town.

The region offers so much in terms of entertainment, from the vast wine regions to sporting events, theatre and retail entertainment.

South Africa offers a balance in lifestyle not easily matched. Its natural beauty, friendly people and weather one can rely upon, This makes the country a popular destination for casual tourists, immigrants and long-term visits

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