The Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving to Eastern Europe as an Expat from a Western Country

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Eastern Europe has often been significantly cheaper to live in than Western Europe. This is mainly attributed to the various conflicts that these countries have faced over the years.

When contemplating where to relocate as an expat in Eastern Europe, it is important to take a look at a wide variety of factors including: political stability, cost of living, and employment opportunities before deciding that relocating is a wise decision. It is also important to consider your health choices in Eastern Europe. There is a wealth gap between the different countries, which is reflected in the health care systems as well.

Moreover, It is needed to find which money transfer companies accept currencies from Eastern European countries. Should you consider all of these factors, you will be able to find the ideal fit for you to explore as an expat. Consider the following Eastern European countries when deciding which country to relocate to as an expat in Eastern Europe:

Ideal Countries to Relocate to in Eastern Europe:

1. Hungary: Hungary is a country that has beautiful architecture paired with a very low cost of living. Another major benefit of Hungary is that there is a very high level of English spoken there in comparison to other countries in Eastern Europe.

Regarding safety, Hungary has a very peaceful pace of life and does not have any current conflicts occurring that would jeopardize the safety of an expat from the West. Budapest is a very international city that has a plethora of employment opportunities in the teaching and engineering sectors for expats looking for a wonderful change of locale.

2. Romania: Romania is becoming a very popular place to relocate for expats as well because of the beauty that the country boasts and multitude of sights for expats to explore. Romania does have a very low cost of living in comparison to other Western European countries and also provides several unique employment opportunities in the automotive and software development industry for those who desire the expat way of life. Expats that are looking for a developed country with a very high quality of life will enjoy what Romania has to offer them.

3. Serbia: Serbia is on the rise since their conflict in the 1990’s. Belgrade is developing into a beautiful and cosmopolitan city that will be a very trendy place to visit in about ten years time. Serbia has a low level of English; however, the people are receptive to helping and assisting expats that take the time to dive into their culture.

For the Western expat that is looking for a place in Eastern Europe with years of history, beautiful scenery, and a low cost of living should absolutely consider Serbia for what it has to offer.

4. Czech Republic: The Czech Republic has overcome its political difficulties and has truly made an impressive comeback in recent years. The Czech Republic is providing many sensational employment opportunities to expats and the reason for this is that the country does have a very high level of English. The level of English allows for many opportunities combined with a very low cost of living.

Additionally, cities such as Prague have some of the most wonderful architecture and history in Europe and are a divine place to spend an international assignment as an expat.

Money Transfer Companies to Consider When Relocating to Eastern Europe

Should you decide to relocate to any of the countries mentioned above or Eastern Europe in general, it is important to understand that many of these countries are not on the Euro. The Czech Republic is on the Czech Koruna. Hungary uses the Hungarian Forint. Serbia uses the Serbian Dinar. Romania uses the Romanian Leu.

This means that transferring money between your home country and any of these countries may be quite challenging. This is why it is best to work with money transfer companies that are established and reliable to work with countries in Eastern Europe. Some ideal places to start looking for money transfer companies are in the following reviews:

  1. World First Review
  2. TransferWise Review
  3. Currencies Direct Review

These companies are very well respected in the industry and have a track record of dealing with many of the currencies from Eastern Europe.

Final Remarks on the Subject

When contemplating where to relocate as an expat, it is important to look into alternative locales in Eastern Europe for something different. As these economies are taking off, they provide a very high quality of life for a substantially lower price than Western Europe.

For this reason, it is important to consider which part of Eastern Europe provides the ideal environment that you are looking for as an expat.

Should you do so, you will be able to find the right place to find reliable employment opportunities and a very overall high quality of life. Be sure to work with money transfer companies when transferring your assets abroad so that you will be able to get the best possible rates on non-Euro currencies within Eastern Europe. By following the aforementioned steps, you absolutely can and will find your ideal locale to reside in as an expat in Eastern Europe.

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