The Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in the Gulf Region

Contributed by Akansha Arora, 02 June, 2016

The Job market in the Gulf has been on a positive side from past few years pulling a number of expats to come and work in these countries. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait are some countries where there are opportunities multiplying. From engineers to doctors to teachers to professionals in the service sector, every person looks out for an opportunity in the Gulf.

Engineering In the Gulf Countries

With the increasing focus on infrastructure and construction, the engineers are ready to reap their rewards. Demand for engineers in the UAE and other gulf countries has seen a constant rise and there are certainly more number of jobs for engineers in these countries.

The latest Morgan McKinley reports revealed positive trends in the engineering industry and making the Gulf as one of the best places for engineers to maximize their growth.
Talking about engineering jobs, there are some countries and some engineering titles that pay the most. Here are the highest paying engineering jobs in the Gulf:

Civil Engineering

The world economies are growing rapidly and hence the demand for construction professionals and civil engineers have also increased globally. The countries that have the maximum potential to hire civil engineers are the ones in the developing and under-developing countries. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the demand for civil engineers is going to see year on year growth. Hence, the civil engineering jobs are going to fulfil aspirations of many around the globe.

Talking about the Gulf countries, these countries have the maximum demand for civil engineers. The civil engineering jobs in Saudi Arabia invites a lot of expats to come and settle in the country. The scenario is similar in Dubai. Abu Dhabi and other Gulf countries.

Also, working as a civil engineer in any of the Gulf countries makes you one of the highest paid employee.

Oil Engineering

The hub of oil and petroleum industry demands oil and petroleum engineers from round the globe to come and be a part of the industry. The industry looks for professionals who have a combination of innovative mind, expansion and exploration. The Gulf countries especially the UAE has a large dependency on oil and petroleum industry for its economy. Hence, professionals with a degree in petroleum engineering have a scope to build their career in the Middle East.

Mechanical Engineering

The presence of a large number of heavy industries in the Gulf Countries, Engineers with specialization in this field have good demand in the country. Mechanical engineers working in the UAE and Gulf countries enjoy leverages like high pay scale and a number of opportunities to grow with.   

Electrical Engineering

The oil and petroleum sector has a lot of scope in the field of electrical engineering as well. Other than this, electrical engineers have a lot of scope in almost every industry there. Usually employers look for site engineers, design engineers and project engineers as electrical engineers. Electrical engineering jobs are also one of the highest paid engineering jobs in the UAE and other Gulf countries.

Other High Paying Jobs

Engineering professionals have a sure shot chance of making a successful career in the Gulf Other than engineering, there are some other sectors that also let you enjoy the perks of high salary in the Middle-East. These include:

Working and Living in the Gulf

As an expat working in Gulf could be one of the best things that could happen to you. There is a lot of experience that you can gain from when working in the Gulf. A number of reasons that pull expats towards the Gulf countries include financial reasons, cultural experience, professional network, working in mixed culture, exploration and making full use of the opportunities that are served on the plates.

The quality of living when compared to other cities around the globe is more enhanced. You get to interact with other expats, enhance your standard of living and enjoy life.


In all, working in any of the Gulf country doesn’t only bring you money but also an experience that will help you learn and grow. If you have an opportunity of working in any of the Gulf countries make sure you optimize it to the maximum.

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