The main services an expat needs when moving to another country

Contributed by BridgeWest, 08 November, 2017

Open borders in some countries allow those interested in finding jobs abroad to move to another state easier. The number of countries adhering to free trade agreements which also provide for the free movement of people is growing constantly and the number of foreign citizens relocating from their home countries is on rise as well. Even if visa restrictions are less stringent in some countries, moving from one state to another is not that simple without a thorough organization. Among the facts foreign citizens should consider when moving to another country are housing, transportation, education, healthcare and even legal assistance. However, there are many companies offering specialized relocation services, so one should not worry that much about it.

Below we will check the main aspects related to moving to another country and the services attached to them.

Housing, one of the most important elements when relocating

There is no point in moving somewhere before finding a place to stay. Luckily, there are plenty of real estate agencies even in the smallest towns in every country which can simplify this step a lot.

Even so, once the agency has found a house, an apartment or any other property according to one's desire and, most importantly, finances, it is the new owner's turn to check the property for any possible flaws. Let's take Singapore, for example. This is one of the most beautiful places to move to in the world, according to some magazines. What foreigners moving here don't know is that Singapore has one of the highest humidity levels in Asia due to the rainy seasons. For this reason, once established here, one should better call a professional plumber in Singapore to have the house or apartment checked.

Healthcare and education for foreigners moving to another country

Most of the time, foreign citizens move to another country for employment reasons. In most cases, a healthcare insurance is provided by the employer, but that is not always the case. So, what to do if health insurance isn't in the offer? There are two options: state health insurance and private health insurance policies. These two options are available in all developed countries. Choosing the right one depends on the money one is willing to spend and on the medical history. As a tip, large insurance companies have branches in most countries, so those used to the services of a certain provider can look it up in the country they just moved to. These may or may not include treatments for dental problems, so you should keep in mind to ask for details.

When it comes to education, the same principle applies: state or private education. It all depends on the parents needs and requirements, and of course, the tuition fees. In most countries, state education systems are free and quite comprehensive, but the private sector is quickly catching up and offer competitive programs at just as competitive prices.

Transport organization when relocating

We mentioned in the beginning the specialized services offered by relocation companies. These services also imply bringing one's car along. However, most of the times it is not recommended to do that because:

  1. the public transportation system usually ensures the needs of the population;
  2. one can decide and buy a car there;
  3. some people rely on car rental services.

In order to expand on the subject, we can say the following: cities all over the world have modern means of public transportation, so using a private car makes sense only when you don't live on a low budget. With respect to car rentals, these are recommended for those who want to pamper themselves a little or who need a luxury carfor a professional meeting.

Paying taxes when moving to a new country

Moving, renting or buying a home and organizing the day-to-day aspects of life in a new country is easy. However, foreign citizens also have obligations when moving to another country. These obligations usually mean paying taxes. In most cases, the employer withholds the taxes one employee has to pay, but there are also other taxes which must be paid - taxes related to owning a property or on other sources of income, for example.

Many foreign citizens who decide to move to Europe, choose the Netherlands. If you too are decided to move there, there are special tools which allow you to calculate your taxes in the Netherlands.

For those moving to Asia, things are a little bit more complicated, as they must adjust to various laws which don't apply in Western countries. So, it wouldn't hurt to ask for some legal advice before moving to an Asian country.

No matter the country foreign citizens want to move to, research and organization are the key to a smooth transition and accommodation to a new culture and lifestyle.

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