The most popular sports with expats

Contributed by Aetna International, 10 April, 2018

While many expat reports and surveys tend to focus on aspects of living abroad such as the quality of life, cost of living, and access to healthcare, not many touch upon the subject of sport. Sport and team-following often defines individuals and social groups which is why sport can play an important part when moving abroad. Not only can sport keep expats connected with their home country, it can also be the means of forming bonds with compatriots and forging new acquaintances in the expat community. So, what is the role of sport in expats' lives? And what about the impact of sport on an expat's life?

To find out, international healthcare provider Aetna International surveyed 400 expats living around the world to explore the role sport plays in expat's lives and what this says about their new community and identity. This research, presented in the form of an infographic which can be seen below, focuses on favourite sports, teams and sports personalities, and more.

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