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Contributed by StudentJob UK, 16 October, 2017

Looking for a job as an expat can be an uphill struggle at times. Being unfamiliar with the country means it's challenging since you're not sure where exactly to get started. Fear not though, StudentJob has compiled the top tips you will need to land yourself a job.

Perfect your CV and cover letter

First things need to adapt your CV. Depending on the country to which you apply, there are a number of variations in the formatting of CVs. For example in the UK it isn't common to include your photo on your application, but in Germany and Austria it is a normal occurrence. With your application, it is also key to take the time to tailor your cover letter to each job you apply to. Do some research on the firm you're interested in and include your most relevant achievements.


If you wish to find work in the UK, you must be eligible to work. Most foreigners will require a visa so make sure you investigate this before you move. It is better to be prepared and aware of what you will need, especially since acquiring a visa can sometimes be a very lengthy process.

Look online

A lot of people jump straight to their local shopping centre to hand out their CV and forget to check out the vacancies online first. There are a number of job boards available in each country, meaning you can begin your job search from the comfort of your own bed! Visit to find part time jobs, internships, weekend jobs and more.

University Campus

If you're studying at university, your campus is a fantastic place to search for a vacancy. There are usually a range of shops, cafes and bars who need to recruit at the beginning of the academic year. The key with this is to make sure you apply fast – you'll be competing with all the other students at your university looking to earn money while they study.


Quite often, someone in your circle may know of an available job. Make sure to ask around; your friends, neighbours, family, roommates, anyone who lives in the area. Having someone on the inside of the company can be extremely helpful since they may be able to provide tips and information on how to write your cover letter or how to prepare for the interview. The important thing to remember is there is no harm in asking...

Written by Saffron Shergill at StudentJob UK. StudentJob is an online job portal that specialises in providing part-time jobs, internships, graduate programmes and placements for students. The StudentJob website also features a blog which is updated weekly with student advice, application and interview tips.

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