Tips to Make Relocating to Australia as an Expat Less Stressful

Contributed by Sussex SEO, 06 February, 2019

The anxiety of moving to a new country, the effort and time put into the process can be overwhelming.

There are many things that cause stress when moving, expense, the physical work and the uncertainty are all contributing factors. The good thing is that moving doesn't have to be stressful and terrifying. There are a number of ways to help you move with ease and without being stressed.

Most of the stress of relocating can be lessened with planning.

Here are some guides for relocating to Australia stress-free

1. Ask for Assistance

No man is an island and there is no shame in asking for help when you need it. Moving away from a country you are familiar with means your entire life, your family and even your finances will change, and this can be hard.

To help alleviate this stress, reach out to family members and friends who can help. They could help you in a variety ways like helping you pack and unpack or letting you stay a few days in their house (if they reside in Australia) instead of spending your money on hotels and being overwhelmed by the extra expense.

If the reason for your move is a job change, ask the new company if they offer any type of relocation aid to help you with the cost of moving

2. Beware of Contraband

There are some items that are not allowed to be imported into Australia. Items like eggs, beans, vegetables, peas, cereal seeds, fruits, meat and all proceeds from pork, milk, popcorn, unroasted nuts, live animals (including pets), soil, and sand are prohibited. Knowing what is not allowed in Australia will guide you with your packing.

3. Have a schedule

You are likely to have a timeline when relocating, a certain period when you should be out of your present location and in Australia. So you don't become unnecessarily anxious, start a schedule as soon as you confirm the dates. Start moving gradually a few weeks before the set time. Give yourself ample time to pack, and this way, you can ensure that everything fits and is safe during the journey.

Having a schedule will help you plan how you should start packing when to book your trip and give you sufficient time to compare prices with different movers.

The less pressure you have when getting organized, the less money you'll spend out of convenience.

4. Label All Boxes

To help you unpack with ease when you get to your final destination, it is important to mark each box appropriately. Doing this will help keep an inventory of what you already have, so you don't buy unnecessary items.

Write the category each box belongs in, whether it's delicate, and what side should face up. This will not only help your movers treat your belongings with care, but it also makes the unpacking process easier for you.

5. Get Several Quotes From Moving Companies

If you are moving your belongings with a moving company, be sure to get quotes from several different companies before making a decision. You want an affordable yet reliable moving company (find out more about moving to Australia).

6. Clean as You Pack

This seems stressful, but in the long run, it is helpful and will eventually save you a lot of stress. When you pack up an area, clean the space. This will help you select the things you need, so you are not tempted to throw useful things away, and prevent you from having to hire an extra person to clean your house when you have reached the end of the moving process.

7. Don't Buy until You have Settled In

Do not buy anything until you have finally moved to Australia. Also, when you make it to your new household, unpack and settle in first before you buy what you assume you need. First, sort through your belongings and start arranging them, and keep a list of what you might need as you are unpacking.

If you buy things the first week you're in town you will more than likely spend too much. The only item you should buy in the first few weeks of moving is food items.

8. Dispose of Unwanted Items

Relocating to a new country is a great way to clear out unwanted items that you have accumulated over the years.

When you are packing up to relocate make sure you keep a box for unwanted things close by. Throw away any unused or unwanted item into its proper box. You can sell the items in these boxes or give them to charity, whichever way you choose to do this, someone will benefit from it, plus, you'll spend less money transporting them.

Relocating is a stressful process no matter how often you do it, but the tips above should help.

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